Be in love with love on Valentine’s Day


Such a wonderful day is Valentine’s Day.  To feel the love is the love you feel.

Be in love with the whole shebang of it.  And water damping on all who think this day is for commercial/idiotic/nonsense people who are sucked into the idea of love.  I love being sucked into the idea of love so I am celebrating full on on Valentine’s Day.

Love, for that matter is a many splendour thing.  It may be the familial kind, the erotic kind, the unfulfilled kind, or even just the idea of it kind, but love it is to make us go around.

So for all who are in love, loved, unloved or loving from a distance, Happy Valentine to you. Embrace love, never question love, share love and know that loving yourself is the best gift you can give. Loving someone else is even greater.

Go and wallow in love … a love story is life lived in technicolour.

I wish you all this Valentine’s day, the best, the overwhelming, the heart skipped a beat (thanks Lucy) kind of love …

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