A little love affair with Ham House

JS119352711_National-Trust-Images-John-Millar_Ham-House-in-the-winter-seen-from-the-Cherry-Garden-u-large_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqpiVx42joSuAkZ0bE9ijUnCW0qTysEG4yZuBUdXGakjA Ham House, Surrey in winter

Voted on of the top 20 Great British Winter Gardens, my little love affair with Ham House began eight years ago.  We had re-located to London, I missed my house and garden and found Ham, the closest National Trust Property to my new apartment.  She sort of saved me and I have spent many happy times being a garden guide, meeting lovely people and being rather proud of this Grand Dame of the 17th Century.  The Telegraph has voted Ham as one of the Great Gardens to see in winter.

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The contrast of seasons in England are so marked and despite the odd January and February grumble, I look forward to each one.  Ham helps me get through the winter months and reminds me that design, at times especially garden design in winter, is almost more beautiful.  More significant.

The snowdrops are popping up with their pretty white skirts and soon daffodils and blue bells will follow.  Ham house is my little love affair and I look forward to walking through the seasons with her this year. Being a volunteer is one of the most rewarding contributions one can make toward preserving the Heritage of our country.

Make a date to visit Ham on the bank of the Thames.  A walk along the river towards Richmond past Petersham meadows is a favourite!