Finding the romance.

Kraak Leliefontein 7 IMG_4181 2 Isn’t she lovely?

I know, I have moaned about the whole living alone thing and starting all over again, I know.  What I have also being doing is helping a friend plan a wedding.  You know how one loves to complain about being in the Silver Street and life is difficult (which is it) and that is natural.  We are at an age when the winds of change came like a gale force, whipping our old, uprooting habits and generally taking us into a stage we are unprepared for.

With this comes the new generation.  They are happy, excited, and some are planning a wedding. The grumpy lady, post divorce, is asked to assist and I cannot tell you of the lessons learnt. Let me.

Part of the re-invention (oh what shall I do?) was taking a new course – a pretty one, something that took my mind from the grim of all I was losing, to the making of mood boards of flowers, designs and event planning.  I am not about to embark on a dinner for 2000 at the Millennium Dome (ugh) but realised I still had the little thing in me to veer into something I loved.  As we progress, we look back, and in looking back, way back, I remember how much I loved entertaining, putting a plan together, getting people together and creating an event to celebrate life, laugh and make good memories.

Event planning does that.  I have been hard at studying – you know in those nights – and will qualify soon. So how delightful that a friend asked my help.

And it has been inspiring.  Mustering up the old, accepting the new, I have indulged in planning a delicious wedding in what I believe is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  The wine lands of the Western Cape.  We have met floral designers, caterers, decor specialists, check out accommodation and witnessed the joy of bride to be.

I have touched romance again. Planning a wedding is hard work, requires fortitude and patience.  The bride has dreams one must never reduce but assist in making them come true.  And I think of my wedding, back then, poor, doing what one can but so in love nothing else mattered.  The memory of that, of me, so enraptured by the thought of romance, that has allowed me, in my Silver Street, to help foster her dream.

There are event planners and event planners.  Those who see it as a business only, and those, like us, who see it from an experienced point of view. Remember the mothers who are letting go, we do that for we are there.  Remember how our dad’s brushed the single tear, not saying much, paying the bills, but hoping the man who takes their daughter from them will be worthy.

And in helping out a friend, a mother who is doing the same, letting go … I have been able to plan this event with them in mind, with the dreams and expectation of the couple in mind, and thinking … it may be a wedding, but it is romance that will bind them all.  The idea that life will be forever romantic, regardless of what will happen, and the joy of the planning is romance personified.

Gosh, I have had a good time. I believe in love and that is what makes this role I play in this wedding all the more important.  Love is everything.

I planned to put love in a special place.  And I am happy.

In my Silver Street, I have learnt that weddings and events is the business of romance. And the forever romantic in me, can make a difference.

This is part of the beautiful walk.

Special thanks to Anne Mann for letting me take the photograph and Fleur de Cordeur for their inspiration.