A tête-ả-tête with two interesting perspectives. We learn.

475ea273d0d0c3f0efa329d52906da86  It was a good day.  Wonderful friend, client and innovative entrepreneur for a meeting at The Bar at Gilbert Scott’s in the gorgeous St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel this afternoon.  We were chatting, planning a fabulous 50th in Franschoek next year.

Both excited. Me as the Event planner with dreams in my mind and my friend, with the idea of a special occasion to show her husband how much she loves him.  Should have been champagne but it was a little early, and then the conversation turned to our different stages in life.

Caroline runs a successful company called ‘Baby proof your life‘, is a speaker of note and manages to combine a very busy working life with raising four amazing sons.  Even in this Silver Stage when we sometimes think we know just about everything, we learn.  Where Caroline is inspiring women to have full lives, I am at a stage inspiring women who may have to start again, like me, having done what we thought was right and finding ourselves having to begin all over again.  Which I might add, is not such a bad thing. Bad things do happen but it is how we face them and change that makes us all the more interesting.  Age does that sometimes, from the building up, to the facing of the other side when everything seems to be slipping and then go ‘whoa’ not ready, lots to still do and finding the courage to do it. Caroline is teaching women to see the future where having a great career and being a mom is a plan to ensure self worth on all levels.

So what am I saying here?  Never think that we are filled with the lessons in life. Learn from those younger, perhaps smarter and add that to the new path.  That is what I must say I love about living in London – anything goes, genders, relationships, business, life is so out there, so flexible, so malleable and ultimately, and opportunity to put the stereotypes of life at rest with the surge of possibility at my fingertips.

It was a flipping great day.  I found a new address, met someone I greatly admire and forged a new contact in my new business that makes me, on the trip home. on the tube at rush hour, undaunted, music in my ears, bopping to the Bee Gees and thinking … women are like play dough. We bend, we mould, we set and then we just find others who think outside the norm and go, wow, we can morph into a whole new ball of wonderful.  And begin again.

I hope my girls feel as empowered as I do right now.

Hope my girls will take on the world and paper maché it into a better place. Find a tribe of women that inspire, support and nurture a better life. I have and for that I am forever grateful.

In my Silver Street, tonight, another door opened on the journey – and the view is spectacular.