Spring awakening


There is scene from the 1997 version of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, a la Colin Firth of the wet shirt brigade, where Lizzie visits her best friend, Charlotte in her new home.  Charlotte has married Mr. Collins (poor dear) and Lizzie asks her how she is:

‘I find myself quite content with my situation, Lizzy. she replies.

I have decided this post is too blah! Moaning minny I was so enough of that.

Instead , I remember not so much Charlotte, although it did disturb me at the time, but the hilarious Mr. Collins outside, trying to ward off the bumble bees in the garden.

It is a Spring Awakening for me.  For the personal reasons of which I spoke, but also that Spring just seems so much lovelier this year.  A garden guide at one of the National Trust properties, I love seeing the garden go through the seasons and those first crocus’ gladden my heart.  From then on its snowdrops, daffodils, bluebells … and though the skies stay cloudy, the colours in bloom are a joy to behold.

Definitely feeling great and in a spring mood. It is also a time I do miss my own garden but now I have all the parks around me, my flat, even though I moan sometimes, looks over a large park with a lake.

But it is the birdsong, very early as the sun comes up, that I love the most.  Sweet songs.

For me, spring is around me, but in my heart.  I am delighted to be back in London and see this positive year unfold.