Re-Branding Silver into the sensuous, self-confident, successful you. Part one.

 Silver Mercury Drops

The time has come to change.  Time for the Silver to rise.  Youth may be deep in your soul, but rather than hanker back, find this Silver time in your life a renaissance, a re-birth of a stronger, greater and more possible you.  Re-brand yourself, your business and your lifestyle to achieve even greater heights.  It is possible, it is inevitable – it is achievable.
To master an ever greater sense of self in this Silver time, you need to bring together the many elements of who you are; your body, your business, your home and your environment.  All intertwined and need care to fuse your new lifestyle into a positive sense of self-awareness. 
Strip it down to build it up.  
To the new Silver, sensuous, self-confident, successful you.
Part One: Rebranding your beauty
Silver Beauty
Your body is your Masterpiece
A simple truth. If you want to feel good about yourself, you need to look good, head held high and strutting the stuff.  You need to feel empowered, you need to feel invincible.  It’s a great self-confidence booster.  Forget the lines etched upon your face, the spots on your hands, the thinning eyebrows.  All are part of who you are now, so embrace and be beautiful. 
Not really here to talk about beauty recommendations, though I have many.  This does not include the cheapest, ‘splash a bit of the local on the face’ variety. There are superb women blogging out there about skincare and fashion musts.   I take their advice.  What I want to talk about, is the adorning of the physical, to ignite the spiritual.  
I remember when I had my first baby, and felt ghastly; exhausted, tearful, unable to cope with a demanding infant.  Midwife of little sympathy, ordered me to get up, have a shower and put on make-up, every morning.  Never forgotten that and times when the whip of life is particularly fierce, I still try to rise every morning and give myself the gift of looking good.
Some women do not feel the need for make-up and how gorgeous are they?  I love the fact that as a woman, I can wear make-up, have my hair done, coloured, paint my nails and play with beauty. Go from the frizzy curls to the sleek, the gold to the blush, choose – that’s it – I get to choose.  I get to play and play as you know is truly therapeutic. 
Silver nails  ‘‘Oh look!  So many colours.’  Colouring your life is another blog in the wings, but for now, let’s talk about colour in your beauty box.  No, not recommending, but just saying, if you thought Autumn and beige is your lot from now on – shake off the settling!  As long as you keep it elegant, classical, go for the Venetian blues, the pantone greenery, go for the luchious reds – there is no rule to say once past fifty you need to sink into peat and pigsty brown.  Coco classical.  
With Spring, it’s all blush for me. Peony pinks, rose, cuppuchino cool and dusty lilacs.  Now that the toes can escape from the boot brigade, blush will turn to coral and beach colours soon.  
 Let’s keep the specials and turf out the old.
Take a trip up the beauty aisles.
Invest in your beauty.
Mature ballerinas pintrest. Eveline Halljpg
 Eveline Hall
Tis, true, the crowing glory.  Times we feel our hair is failing us.  Limp, greying, frizzy and just not playing the game.  Don’t let yourself be beaten by age, in particular the style of your hair.  You know what you would like your be hair to be like, make it so.  It may take you a bit longer, cost a bit more, but when you step out, your hair should make you swish with pleasure.  Besides a beautifully made up face, your hair is literally the first impression.  
Grey is the new Silver.  Not ready to go to the grey side, that’s ok, just let your hairstyle be the extended vision of the Silver you.  
I love my long hair.  Never going to change.  I can up style, ponytail, clip and let loose to suit whichever mood I’m in.  My long hair makes me feel sexy, strong and empowered.  What hairstyle does the same for you?
crystal couture stationery
 Spoil your beauty
in the fine things you deserve
Ever get to the point where you wonder, what’s the point?  You have all the things you want and the clothes in your cupboard will suffice?  When last did you buy yourself something special?  How are you on the score of pretty lingerie?  Have you settled for the practical rather than sexy close to your body?  Time to forget the mundane, get yourself to the pretty bows and whistles and along with the trip to the beauty aisles, invest in some gorgeous lingerie to allow yourself to feel truly beautiful.
Step one of re-branding the Silver that is you, in looking at yourself in the mirror and if you don’t see that incredible self looking back at you, make a change. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.
You could think being in your fifties and settling is enough for your future
Or you could just make this the most incredible time of your life.
Images: Crystal couture, pintrest