Re-Branding Silver into the sensuous, self-confident, successful you. Part Two

Silver Mercury Drops

‘In time of silver rain
The butterflies lift silken wings
To catch a rainbow cry,…’ Langston Hughes
In this Silver time, we embrace our beauty, adorn ourselves with make-up, accessories and fashion to stride forth, confident that this is the time when life, with pleasure, and pain, makes of us, art.
As with puberty, this Silver time is when our bodies, once again, go through the most change.  We are menopause, siphoning Estrogen, losing elasticity, wanting for moisture – our bodies are marching to a drum not of our choosing.  If we let it …
Silver fluidity
Part Two: Fluidity
When I was forty-seven, let’s call it my Vermillon time, I was in sync with my body.  I loved my body and gave it attention.  I gave her respect and she in turn, gave me confidence, sexiness, form. Life happened and I neglected her.  She became stiff, formless and fat.  Easy to blame you, I said, you were not important when my mind, my darkness and loss descended.  You were the last thing on my mind.  
I began to miss her strength.  Her agility.  Her sexiness.  Was it too late, I thought, must I succumb to the years and acceptance of Silver being a downward spiral rather than an upward thrust? In the realisation that this body, this mighty messenger would be with me for a number of years hence, I needed to change my attitude.  I needed to regain my friend.
So I had to give myself a good lecture. This has gone to far – Take note:
  • It’s okay that things went pear shaped in your life.  
  • You cannot remember when last you touched your toes.
  • Or looked in the mirror and sort of went ‘yeah’.
  • Croissants are for ‘when in Paris’ only.
  • Study Martha Graham.
  • Amazons never ‘did lunch’ everyday.
  • Wine may be your best friend, but there is a limit to your devotion.
  • That ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ never works.
  • Stop weeping that your boobs are popping out of the smaller size, the muffin top takes centre stage and your favourite clothes well, have been sitting in the wardrobe for ‘one day.’

Start today.  Slowly remember your body is you, and no matter the size, be comfortable with it.  But get it fluid again.  There is time enough when you cannot get out of the chair.

silver pintrest

Remember when you played with mercury at school?

You are silver Mercury

May sound crazy, but I got fed up with the hanging onto what I used to be.  Pain made me stiff and unyielding and all I could do was remember …. backwards, and giving up … forwards.  Not any more, I am taking responsibility for myself.

Begin with just not listening to what everyone else tells you.  Diet, exercise, must do this and must do that.  Your body will tell you.  You know how much to eat, how much to move and even if it’s just to the music, let yourself sway.  Some may be tri-athletes in the Silver stage and I salute them, but mortals like me need to have a plan that calls for common sense. There is absolutely no reason why you should not be fluid and fit. No excuse if that is what you want. 

The plus paper

Beautiful body, beautiful mind, beautiful you

Think fluidity and you the rest will follow

So, aiming for the beautiful … get yourself the beauty products and build on your body till you literally glide.

Images: Pintrest, the plus paper