The ‘when I was a little prancer’ philosophy for Optimism.

Maddie, Callan, Grayson and Zanele at Botanical gardens Go to that Happy Place.

There are days when getting out of bed seems to require elephant strength. Others have literally trampled all over your life, your body feels it, finances are scary and the Optimism factor exploded in your pretty face. 

Everything you do is just not working out:

your-doing-it-wrong Yup, we know the feeling. – fail.

Days when death, divorce, jobs and idiots circle like vultures in a Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Western.  Optimism is a dirty word and courage, well courage is as distant as your youth.

That’s when you go to your happy place – the ‘when I was a little prancer’ rule. This is how it works:

  • What were you doing in your spare time? Dancing, drawing, playing in the sandpit? Remember how little you cared but for the activity.  Pure concentration, pure bliss.
  • When sit-up’s were you sitting up from lying on the grass.
  • When running was just for the hell of it and you loved the freedom of doing it.
  • Your bicycle, lego, barbie (yes) was your best friend.
  • You didn’t stop to think the dog would bite.
  • Eating was a waste of energy.  When sweets were fun.
  • Going to the movies was a real event and not something to pass the time.
  • The weekend was exciting, rather than time to flop from fatigue.
  • You liked looking pretty.
  • Friends meant everything and you wanted to share.
  • You messed up, got over it and didn’t need a therapist.
  • Loved waking up in the morning.
  • Your small world was everything and travel meant a trip across the road.
  • Climbing trees was natural, as was swimming, jumping and eating mud cookies.
  • You belonged.

How many of these things do you still do?  

True, leaping over a fence is going to be dangerous and the tree climbing thing may have me committed, but that does not mean we cannot aspire to finding the pleasure, and how it affected us, in just being like the little prancer.  Energy and the spending of it took care of the kilo’s, but now we diet and slouch.  Stories were not found on the front page.  Hours of swimming did not mean the day was unproductive.

True, we have to work, pay the mortgage, deal with the things life throws at us, but every now and then, in the moments between, going to the ‘little prancer’ place makes for optimism growth.  Remembering how awesome we were back then reminds us how awesome we are today.  Write something, draw something, do nothing … make it about you, with energy and spirit.

Optimism will follow and that Elephant strength required will be elephant energy. Hold your head high, strip to the basics and get back to feeling that your are still invincible.  You just need to shake off the dust on your shelf life …

Have a milkshake and if you can still do a cartwheel …