Soft rain on a Saturday night and dancing in the kitchen …

rain-drops-926583_960_720 I have a love affair with rain.

I guess it’s because I grew up in a place where the sound of rain meant everything. Been a week of summer, glorious, but for some, too hot a summer week.  I never complain … all to aware that the winter days are coming after the solstice. So loving the gentle rain this evening.

An interesting week for this diary of the Silver Street inhabitant.  I understand so many at this place, at this time, and I know some of the stories, but I also know mine.  Trying to get on with it, and I am, as I write to you from the office balcony. This week:

  • my gorgeous neighbour is improving.  She wears a wrist band that disturbs me – like an ankle bracelet for those who have to be confined to their homes.  Her carer, she says, gets annoyed with her – it is my mother all over again, and I think of two strangers compelled to live in the same space – one for caring and one to be cared. Frustration abounds and I try to lighten the mood with cookies.
  • still dancing around the other neighbours who share the balcony next to space.  We do not speak but to pretend the other is not outside at the same time. London living.
  • been reminded that my thoughts affect more than is realised.  This was a poignant matter.  Do I voice, be careful as how to do, and be guarded, which means that I am not being true to myself, and perhaps those I know would feel a little less paralysed by my words – or go, this is the time, the place and the making sense of it all?  The lesson is that despite the story, the education, always be aware that others are affected.
  • the world is hurting.  The Grenfell tragedy has led to more accusations, petitions and realising that so many that were affected will not come forward for fear of political status.  How terrified must you be to not mention you exist for fear of being deported, having travelled untold atrocities to get here?
  • How much has it affected me?  Am I willing to get involved with charity, with holding the lost and caring for other so much worse off than me?
  • A friend, also alone for the first time in her Silver Street, is afraid to travel alone.  For so many at this stage, this is the only option.  Tried telling her that it will be ok.
  • Put the courage to the sticking point and launched a new business.  I began with the premise that if I don’t try, I will regret not having done something valuable in my life.  Am excited and a little wary of starting at this age, but determined to prove that age does not limit anyone, so watch this space. Main point to consider? Having fun.
  • Which now makes me master of three little ventures.  Am I up for it? You betcha I am.
  • Formulating the one year, five year and ten year plan. One year in operation, it is the baby steps formula.  On my own, with so much to learn, all I can handle right now.
  • The waitron job is exhilarating and learning so much about others I had never met, their stories and getting more ‘working fit’ so to speak.  Humbling and enriching experience.
  • The travel. Clients are amazing and trusting. Repeat customers do tell a story.
  • The Event business. My new ‘baby’. Have acquired some brilliant clients who trust and the adrenaline is going into overtime. Fabulous stuff.
  • Getting past the past.  That is very important.  Keeping what is dear and letting go of what is crippling the moving on phase.

Which is now the thoughts and the raining on my balcony tonight.  I am never too old  to learn from the younger generation, thinking I know it all when others are doing what they do, where I may have done it differently. We need to listen.

This rain is feeding crops, lands thirsty, growth for next year, and who know where we will all be when the cycle starts again?  It matters not, for we are now, and I am so grateful for the rain, the learning, the tired body and the mind that seeks more, more all the time. Curious, weary little lass she is in the drizzle.

But wait, ’tis the music that pulls me from my chair …

And now, the music is on, one woman is dancing to the tunes (in her kitchen in London with strange moves) and she is loving the rain, not meaning to hurt feelings, and I am sorry, but life is waiting is out there and she is for taking of it …

Higher places we need to be .. am I the fool who is getting this all wrong? Don’t think so. Paris tells me so … goodnight all you special people.

Image pixabay