And then there is that. Those that sort of turn the day into a struggle again.

f731f3b04e88d2c6e3817d0b54ce1c64 It happens.  Always seems to happen.  Human it is.

One wakes up, new morning and all that, plans made, new beginnings like:

  • Today is the day I am going to get active. No more sweeties, less wine.
  • Today earnestly doing to get the plan into action.
  • Absolutely going to get to all those emails and outstanding accounts and admin stuff.
  • Throwing out the old, focussing on the new.
  • Postive thoughts, optimism for sure and drive, plenty of drive.

And it is good, for awhile.  Shower, make-up, a little plank on the floor for added kudos, and up to this point, you have neither had a conversation, looked at the mobile or the computer.  Opened the mail, that sort of thing.

Boom! It only takes one simple … and the person that you hoped for, expected more from, tried to negotiate with or dreamed would really care, dashes the day into armageddon like woe.  Hate that!  Hate that someone has become the single focus of every thought and emotion to the point where one can think of nothing else.  Literally, nothing else.  

Remember when you were infatuated and the day shone with the glow of it?  Everything seemed magical and fairy like – well, this is the opposite. The day becomes cloudy, smudged with fog.  Of course you will never admit to it, how can someone get you so unglued, it’s stupid, it’s not who you are.

Advice to self.

  • Put the music on, right now!  
  • Tell yourself they did not realise the impact of their words, actions etc had on you and there is no point in being upset, letting it ruin your day.
  • Breathe and make a plan to get one thing in the diary done – even if you have to force yourself.
  • Get the diary and plan a good event, even if it ain’t going to happen, imagine yourself in Paris, or on skydiving in the Andes – just remove your mind to another ‘good’ place.
  • Tell no-one, it will perpetuate the mood.
  • Don’t dwell and go back to that place.  It’s difficult.
  • Remind yourself that you are better than being put down.

The positive day may have turned into a struggle – like yesterday and the day before, but remember the feeling when waking?  Hold onto that. And tell yourself:

Rising above is better than sinking below. You are your own pair of water wings.