Is your decor keeping you in the past, or time to make a little change?

9c736a03dbe8c442d8347aab57d0567b--french-apartment-parisian-apartment-decor Balancing the treasured with the new.

Are you stuck in the past with your Interiors? 

Many of us are.  The past decades have been all about the collecting, the gathering of home and hearth and you love it right?  But have you been living in the same set designs for the past few years?  Does it still give you a thrill, or lost the lustre of that special own space?  Are you decor dull?

Tell you a little story …

When we first moved, and moved again to where  I am now living, not in a large home, but a tiny apartment, I still tried to bring along every piece of furniture, Christmas decoration, cookbook and children’s memory I could. to recreate.

Packed them all in there, the lot, in every available bit of storage as if letting go were tantamount to betrayal, to murder.  My family were manifest in all the things we shifted around the world.


And it is great – I was the curator of all my family memories.  Still am.  Things change and children move away, the grey divorce happens or you find yourself on your own, still living in everyone else’s boxes of things.  And this is very important – to begin again, to hit the ‘refresh’ button once you have wiped a tear over the past, is to keep the symbolic and start again – this time with new things and by that I mean, ask yourself, as I did myself:

  • When last did you buy something new for your home?
  • Do you still get excited about Interiors other than in the magazines?
  • Do you find that you tell yourself you have no space for anything else?
  • Has the viewpoint of your Interior space changed in anyway or are you looking at the same things in the same place from the same time ago?

I was.


And then I realised …

Time for a change.  If we have spent our lives collecting things to the point where we have no more room, we have no more interest. It gets boring, and dated.  Narrow it down, keep the treasures that you want to see everyday, the photographs and souvenirs of the past, and begin with a new palette.

So I am making a few changes, within and without, starting with my home.

Watch this space.

Images: Pintrest and Disney