All change the Fat Controller says.

‘But what if I don’t want to?’  she asked him humbly.

‘You have no choice.’ was his tort reply.

‘Don’t want to.  Don’t like change.’ she said defiantly.

‘We all have to change.  Change is the only constant in the world.’ he sighed as he said it.

‘Hurummph!’ she hurummphed.

‘Don’t you hurummph me!  Change is good for you.’ He clicked his tongue and pushed out his chest.

It ain’t good for me.  Let me off this change train Mr. Fat Controller.’ 

She is standing on the empty platform.  It’s the change train or the no train.  The platform is chilly.

We all love change when it’s of our own making, and we have control, but times that change gets thrust in your way and it’s ominous, it’s nasty and unwelcome.  But, it happens. If only someone had told us to get ready for it, handed out the handbook or something and given us fair warning.  So what to do when change comes in the mantle of ‘it’s good for you’ , or ‘you will be fine’ when you know it is the last thing you ever imagined.

You stop the bus.  Halt the train, get off the airplane.  Just for a little while until you can take it all in. Rage against the unfairness of what ever change you never anticipated, and then, when you realise it is still coming, and going to happen, you take control of it and buy a new ticket. Maybe the destination has changed, the passengers are not the ones you thought were on your journey till the end, your luggage went missing, but in life, just like the platform, you can either stand there, morbidly still and freezing, frozen in time, or find another schedule and get on the fast train you name after yourself.

The Fat Controller in life is change.

The Fat Controller could be anyone, or anything. He is a bully or a friend. You decide.

So she asked the Fat Controller.

‘Can I have a minute to think about it?’  feeling a little lost and caught in the aftermath of the train she just missed.  The life train she was on left her behind.

‘Take all the time you need.’ Grinning just a little.  ‘There are plenty of trains coming along soon. You decide which one you want to get on.’

‘I don’t know.  What if I don’t like the one I get on?’ she whispered.

‘Then change at the next station.  Just travel light this time, no need for baggage where you are going.’

We Silver somethings have plenty of baggage and change is baggage enough.  The trick is to fitter through it, keep the best and pack the rest. Unclutter your life, uncluttered your mind if change is here – make space for the new journey.

Just make sure you have some pretty lingerie, a comfy sweater, a fresh notebook and an open heart.

Your story continues …

Image: thomastankengineandfriends