Christmas getting smaller, and that’s ok too… you are still you.

Totally addicted to Christmas. Totally addicted to anything pretty. I am the one transfixed by shiny things which means Christmas has me at tinsel obsession. 

Growing up in the Southern Hemisphere did not deter. Christmas was fabric dyed mistletoe, carols beside the pool and longed for new swimming costume and hectically ‘bont’ towel for the trip to the beach – yay!  Turkey was not something one did in the heartland of the Free State but roast chicken and shiny crackers with small tape measures in them was celebration enough.  My grandmother would arrive, chauffeured in her very long, two toned pistachio green /white with wings limousine packed to the roof with presents.  Ma grand-mere.

Christmas has always been about family.  Scattered, loathed at times, distant but family time.  Time changed that for me, and I guess for most of us in The Silver Street time.  There is this period, this time between children forging fresh relationships and then the … grandchildren.  When the family falls into each other again, particularly at Christmas time.  I ain’t there yet.  I am between the Silver divorce and Empty Nest valley – when darling has departed and children are having to play one parent at a time, old enough to decide and opting at times to spend it with partners and their parents, which is all good, but where does it leave this little Christmas fairy?  

Allors! So what happens when the mummy/madam of the twenty days lead up and post Christmas festivities, finds herself with little to Christmasorganise? Free fall into the memory bank of ‘we used to have such Deck the Holly Christmas’ and pout and feel the hot tears on my cheeks? No, we do the following:

Absolutely Must watch the Christmas movie must list!

I pretty much watch them all year round, but the seasonal holiday would not be complete without 

Love Actually

The Holiday


It’s a wonderful life

So many more … do you have any favourites?

Nothing that a Christmas movie and a massive bowl of popcorn cannot solve.

What about Volunteering?  Many are hungry, homeless and yes, lonely over this period – we all say ‘You can make a difference’ but you can.  Remember the movies … helping others is helping yourself. Try and make one present a donation to charity.

Forget about the sad little mangy tree for one, or two, or three – Go Big and become Interior Christmas tree designer of the year. Pick a different theme and sit back with the Chardonnay and admire your dressing of tree skills.  Expand this to wrapping of present skills, basting of turkey skills and those delightful party games around the table skills, even if you are a party of single numbers.

Become silly and special.  If you want to wear the Christmas jumper and those flashing antlers on your head, you just know you are going to look amazingly beautiful my little Elf.

Get out.  Go to the place of pretty lights.  Wander in the early darkness or blazing sun and ingest all that spirit, eat all the chocolates and the things you never have during the year like mulled wine (?!!) and candied peel. Make friends with Brussels sprouts and eggnog if you dare.

The point is:  Others have been facing Christmas and the holiday season alone for centuries.  Your reduced audience is not exclusive, but takes adjusting too.  I know wherever my family are in the world, they will love and wish me Christmas cheer as I do them.  Christmas may be my fantasy of ‘Driving home for Christmas’, but I am still loved and more importantly, I shall love myself in my made up Father Christmas wonderful of my own making.

Finally, there remains the greatest reason to celebrate Christmas.  You have been brought a gift from God, a gift to humanity to love us through it all, and this is the time when our faith should be the greatest celebration of Christmas.  Christ is all that is the Nativity play, the look in our little one’s eyes, the eyes of those that have fallen into eternal slumber, but shines on still.

We may find our Christmas’ getting smaller, and times it makes us feel smaller too, but when I am about to fall about with Micheal Buble’s ‘Home’ and reach for the sadness heart, there is one more gift under the tree.  

My gift to you, wherever you are, be it alone or with crowds of worshippers. If you share your heart, shows kindness, believe and enriches the life of another at this time, this gift is for you.

Then my table is full of love and happiness.  Then the bells jingle all the way.


Images: Glamour, Youtube and Pintrest