Would you hire you? How to get what you want …

  Got the right attitude to take it all on?


So you made up your mind today…

You’re going for it.  Applying for the job you really want, pitching for  the project you know is perfect for you. Write that blog, submit your portfolio, do the business.  Are you are going to own it?  Be the ideal candidate and impress the world?

Before you leap forth into this new chapter, ask yourself one question: Would YOU hire YOU ?

It’s a confidence booster, a check list and the simplest way to evaluate how you will be perceived. By asking yourself, if you, given the opportunity to be the other, would be so impressed as to hire you/read your blog/love your designs and so on. 

Stop for a minute and think of all the qualities you look for in a potential employee.  A boss.  A client.  What would that be, what would you look for, make you the ideal candidate? 






Go for the strike three’s.  And this is how you do it.

Strike One.  That first impression.

Never going to get the opportunity again. Meeting a client in a track suit and hoodie (unless you are recruiting for a girl band/athletic meet or underground activity), is not going to be a good idea.  Spend money.  Be the most striking woman they have met in a long time, the most powerful woman in application, the most ‘I can handle anything’ woman in the room.  We would not love fashion as much if it did not give us joy – harness the way you want to feel and channel it into the impression you want to deliver through your first look – your first impression.  Actually, you should feel like this every single day – empowering yourself is what it’s all about.

Assured in the fact that you look good, amazing actually, what else would make you the one desirable candidate for the brief?

Strike Two:  The Pitch

The Inner Goddess is ready and waiting to deliver.  What you say, how you say it … this is going to separate you from all the other potentials.  You have the experience, the know how, the wisdom needed, now you need to vocalise it in such a way as to stop the music, still the room, have them hanging on every word, silently nodding that you are the one.  Be confident – not always easy – knowing that you can deliver the goods.  Back up any statement you make.  Keep it succinct, to the point without the flattering, the apologising, the giggling and stammering. Give it all the power of a lioness backed up with a stunning CV.  You know you are right for the job, now let them know it in the smartest way you know.

Be the swan – glide like it’s all easy and paddle like the devil underneath.

Strike Three – The Delivery

Are you able to deliver?  The buds are about to bloom and you are about to close the deal.  Stop for a second and think:  is this what you really want, and if you do, are you able to deliver on the pitch, have the first impression be the lasting impression – are you substance rather than fluff?  If you believe this, with your whole heart, you are going to deliver the best of you and your journey of success is on it’s way. 

If you think yourself the person who is looking for the just the right person for the job, and what you offer is enough for you to hire you, you have to tell yourself just one more thing …

You are an ace. A unique asset. You have what it takes to show everyone just how amazing you are.

And finally, go for it! Never hold yourself back, from anything in life. You owe it to yourself.

Images: the daily mail, pinterest