Hello Grace and Frankie. Oh dear, watched it all!


Not a series addict. TV is fine for a while but get into something that makes me want to see the next episode – Grace and Frankie are it.  For all the right reasons.

For once, a series that deals with the Silver Street part of our lives. In all it’s mayhem and glory.  Getting older sucks part of the time, a lot of the time actually, what with the empty nest syndrome, the menopause and barren womb syndrome, the grey divorce syndrome, the taking care of parents and loss syndrome – it seems there is little to look forward to …

But there is and this series, with two of the most enchanting and diverse actors, is uplifting.  Women who spill the beans and rant the rants but remain exciting, sexual, career orientated and mothers. And the very best of friends.

Times an episode can tell the ‘other generation’ more than we feel we are able to.

Whatever shall I do until the next series which may only be in a year’s time.  Perhaps it should be, taketh motivation and get out there and live to the full – we have many sisters doing it already.

Oh, and I want that beach house.

Images: hookedonhouses, pinterest