Classic French Interiors Passion. Parisian style.


Whenever I go to Paris, I pray my little room is high up.  Overlooking the rooftops, the petite balconies and at times, a view into the grand apartments separated by a narrow street. I have loved the Haussman buildings from my first walk through these streets.  French decor is grand and beautiful.  Sort of a Paris and Versailles dream for me. Stately elegance. There is a Romance about it. 

We sense History in French Decor

   History, tradition, the styles of long ago.  Often with a modern twist as only the French can do, but overall, it’s the sense of history that characterises the French Classic Style.  Rooms are spacious and ceilings high with walls often panelled in painted wood.  Shades of grey, putty and chantilly serve as some of the base interior shades whilst furniture is more often than not, stressed or gilded.  

Toile de Jouy

The distinctive Pattern of Toile, or Toile de Jouy, is characteristic of the Classic French Style.  The designs are usually those of pastoral landscapes or chennoise (chinese style). Images are repetitive and detailed.  Toile can be in the form of wallpaper, upholstered fabric for furniture and drapes, or for linen.  One can go bold or simply add hints of Toile to your interior, but I love the distinctive style, that again echoes history but creates warmth and yes, every picture tells a story. One could even design your own.


A tiny but essential view upon the city

Parisian balconies are positively sensuous places to relax, no matter how small.  Bygone days of wrought iron and intricate design, be it a ‘place pour deux’ or a Juliette, I believe the balconies are the trimmings on the outside of those classical interiors.  In an ideal apartment opening those tall windows to the sounds of Paris early morning would be heaven, and of course the late repose at dusk with a bottle of wine and a romantic lover would be just as nice don’t you think?

Luxury in the detail

 Textures, colours, finishes – all speak of elegance and luxury.  Think gilded mirrors and crystal chandeliers.  Velvet and marble.  Satin and Granite.  Nothing in the classical French style is a chance encounter but a carefully selected piece that will enhance the overall design.  Perhaps it’s an ultra modern piece or a chaise, the overall feeling of opulence is the one that will linger, in a romantic way as is, the French way.

If you want to replicate the Classic French Style in your own home, make a mood board of images that will inspire you.  Think chic avec luxury.  Order patterns and wall furnishings.  Selected pieces of bespoke furniture.  Luxurious linen and plumb duvets. Nothing short of grand. I find many of these ideas in the foyers of the famous Parisian hotels (times I simply sit and take it all in) and of course, no Classical French style would be complete without … flowers!  

Lots and lots of Gorgeous flowers.

Images:  One King’s lane, One Fine Stay, Etsy and Pintrest