The quest for the missing smarty white pants.

Oh where oh where did they go?

It is that time again … the Silver Streeter is on the move. Late night packing for a three week trip and in my head I have it all planned out. Casual for daytime, cardigans for the evening chill and just the right outfits for the fancy events.  Check.

The thing is … oh yes, the thing is that sometimes there are these special items of clothing that take a backstreet in the practical cupboard for just such occasions.  And now for the life of me, I cannot find my fancy schmanzy white pants.  The special occasion white number … mmm … last wore it six months ago … mmmm did I take them to the dry cleaners?  Are they still there? Lordy, hope not!

Do you have just those items of clothing for the not ‘getting on the tube’ and everyday wear that you know are just waiting for the next outing?  Those gorgeous heels?  That special coat? The every dependable clutch that holds absolutely the bare minimum but looks good anyway? I do, some are years old but still just the thing for that special occasion.

I have the LBD – a few actually that wait for summer evenings.  My mother’s black coat. Michael Kors heels that would kill me on public transport and never date. A Jenni Button suit that I can barely fit into but hold onto for that … of course I will fit into it again one day. And the white pants.  Not your everyday kind but the very expensive kind.  In my mind I can see the ensemble, right down the perfect top, the dressy shoes and you know what I mean.  And do you think I can find them tonight when I have to pack? MIA they are and because it has been awhile, this madam cannot think where they would be!

Drama! Having moved more than a cuckoo bird of late, my clothes are suitcase familiar. Pack, unpack, pack and unpack again – and darling white trousers have fallen along the way. It does not help that I am limited in time, have a plane to catch and not a bloody clue! Damn!

This is what happens to the ‘Dry Cleaning only’ brigade. They go for extra care and in this case may be getting familiar with all the other uncollected items in the little store.  What is a woman to do?

I would love to say I left them post some romantic tryst but then who would leave without their pants in that situation? No.  Sadly no. I would have remembered or at least everyone else would have.

So where are you now my lovely? This is going to haunt me.  This is going to make me try and remember all the other lovely items I used to have for just that special occasion … and for the life of me I cannot remember where they are now.

Allors!  Time to get serious about those pants!

Anyone else been in this situation?

Image: Southern living.