The joy of Easter Friday.

You may wonder at the photograph –  a nice house, a bit of a view and lots of fog. Imagine it thus.

A seven bedroomed house, perched high up on a cliff with a view of the ocean, endless blue to gaze at from the pool deck with a glass of wine whilst the barbecue sizzles and the conversation is … we are finally here.

We are finally here.  A year of planning for a client’s birthday in South Africa.  Some clients are just that extra bit special and this is one such occasion.  An emotional event, friends from all over the world, coming together in Cape Town and the Wine lands to celebrate, not only a milestone but the bonds that link them.  Parents, grandparents, children and friends.  And this morning it was raining. 

Raining in the Cape.  A thirsty province in the grip of drought and though we from London and Ireland would go … why does it rain when we get here, instead we are blessed with the moisture from heaven – a good sign to say the least.  After church, I drove to Cape Town to make sure they had arrived safely, tired yet thrilled to be here.  The children just ran, I mean ran through the house, reuniting with cousins and eager to share this holiday freedom.  Left feeling elated, and as I drove along Camps Bay, the fog lifted to reveal sunlight on the beach.

Coming home, I was met with children playing on a building site across the road.  How I remember the joy of playing on a building site, half formed rooms, piles of sand, ledges to climb, places to jump down from. Not strictly allowed and a little .. oh oh, when they spied me, but I am the child who remembers that freedom and so as I sit on my little veranda, the sun still high at six, revelling in the outdoor frivolities of children, I thought about the message in church today.  And it is a Christian day, it is a Jewish special day … it is the day that we remember sacrifice of those who give us the traditions and beliefs we hold today. It is the grounding that allows us to feel alive and fortunate to have been given this world, at this time, despite the negativity, despite the hardship, we get to play a little longer in the sunlight.

To all my friends that believe in the higher power, the good, I wish you a beautiful Easter, a beautiful Pesach, time to reflect and yet a time to realise that we are but small, gorgeous creatures in a bigger place.  And we matter.  You matter.

I am blessed to be here in this sunshine.  Blessed to honour this special weekend and looking forward to the eggs on Sunday! Though times have been so tough, I am so in love … with it all.

The point is – times you have to move out of one’s own sphere and limited life to the bigger picture and today was joyful.  I helped people be happy, the children showed me the same and before the sun sets … love came through the clouds into my heart and showed me how great it is to be alive.

The picture: tonight the view is magnificent but we needed the rain to make it so.