What a privilege it is to have someone worry about you.

One of the things I do when I get back to the ‘Old country’, is to call my friends.  Old socks friends, the rooting kind of friends, the Silver Street same avenue friends. Time to catch up.  And you know what … each one of them, bless their hearts, is worried about someone else.

Most are mothers.  Worried about their children – hardly a word spoken about themselves.  

‘How are you? ‘ I ask.  And they speak about their children, or those who don’t have, about someone else in their lives … and they care about, and worry about.  Interesting it is.  Some are about to become grandparents – they worry about the birth, how their children will deal with it, excited, but yes, worried.  Some have children who seemed to have lost their way … how to reach through to them, tell them it’s going to be ok when they are grown and following a part of their own making.

Some are worried about friends. Their health is scary, things are happening (as we well know in Silver Street) and worried that they will be alright, make it through, be assured of their being there for them.  Some are saying goodbye, nursing their parents, wishing things were different with partners and loved ones … each worrying about someone other then themselves. 

So, a flurry of calls to those I deem important in my life, and quiet moment to take in the love they have for others – it is amazing and gorgeous and I know, I worry about my own children , and those I love, but to hear it, to sense the outreach of it, to be surrounded by those who spoke of their concerns for others … what a privilege all of you out there, to have others worrying about you. That you come first, that you matter … that we in make it our day to worry and wonder at your wellbeing, your personal happiness, your life matters. It had me thinking … if I am guilty of being an over protective mother, worrying too much about my friends and those I love, I am not alone.  You are all doing the same.

And those being worried about … you are blessed. Someone has you in their corner.  They will fight for you, no matter what.

The truth is I do worry about those I love. I want the best for them. I want to take the hurt of life away and say it is ok.  I want them to know I will fight the bears, the dragons and the demons for them … and I am not alone. Rather than call us overprotective, meddling, too close, call us mothers, friends and lovers.  It is our calling to worry about you …and you should be happy we do.

Worry is a strange word sometimes. Negative perhaps, and lovely to know that someone may be doing the same for you.  Worrying you will be ok.  As long as you worry about them, it will come back to you … and in all that worrying, it will be alright.

Great to catch up and know you put others above you. Great to know others have someone in their corner. It is a win, win situation don’t you think? What a privilege to care that much.

Never dismiss another worrying about you. Value it.

Images: Quotes, my journey back.