Time for white.


 Time for white.

Your time now.  The ‘let’s decorate in white’ time.  Back in the day, when little ones were still running around with chocolate covered fingers and crayons, the thought of white couches were a no go.  White couches belonged in penthouses, magazines and hotel lobbies. Not in your home.

Now it’s time – in the Silver Street time, to take on the white.  You have earned it.  Even though the grandchildren may pop in, it’s your home and your rules and bringing in white will not only create an more elegant feel, a more dare I say it ‘grown up’ feel, but put in place a new era of how you want to live in your home.

Rover and kitty will have to learn to abide by the rules.

Always loved white linen, the pristine, classical appeal of fresh, white sheets.  Plump white duvets beneath white covers.  Crips white cushions – like sleeping in a cloud. White bath sheets, white linen bags, almost everything white except for what had to be practical in a family home.  But I am leaning towards the white everything now – right down to the appliances and wall colours.  Touches of colour in art and design pieces but I like the feeling of clean and crisp.

Can only admire the genius of The White Company as they do white so well.

Down to the exterior.  White cushions on the patio to sit in for that cool white wine.  I love the idea of being surrounded by white iceberg roses in the garden. Sunset makes them pop. Talking about gardens, its been years since I fell in love with the white garden at Sissinghurst.  White and Silver that gleans even on the dullest of days.

Be bold, even in the smallest way and make a statement for you present state of mind.  Add white to your home and your life, you will surrender to the elegance of it all.

Time to make a change and reclaim your life space. Go with white.



Images: novainteriors, pintrest and country living.