Little girls being mommies …

On the bus home yesterday, two little girls were very serious about their ‘babies’ in the prams. Tut, tut they clucked, pat pat, they patted. ‘Sit still.’ they heeded the two younger, plastic, infants.

As prams go, these were the ‘ferrari’ versions of the real, expensive buggies. Handlebars that snapped up from parking positions, cup holders, even brakes – right down to the hoods with rain guards.

And I sat there smiling. How wonderful to see the care and nurturing taking place. How wonderful to see little girls playing ‘mommy’ and ‘baby’ going out for the afternoon. With all the modern day stuff going on, how refreshing to see little girls being, little girls, complete with curls and vivid imaginations.

When I was their age, I could only dream of such a beautiful pram. And I loved being ‘mommy’. Still do.

A good moment.

Image: The daily mail