Are you going to sit it out, or dance?

There is a line from a song that goes’ are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark?’ and let’s face it, times our little stars are fading, tarnished and dim.  Youth and our stars are bright with possibilities, and now, we think, forget the stars, just survive. What happened to the glow?  The bright, fierceness we once possessed?  Are we going to start sitting out, or dance? Dance card empty … phew, not even almost.

A few days ago, I was back in the dark place.  The new normal was not to be but once again change is thrust upon me … and I felt like that little lost star, spinning out of control.  Needed some deep breathing for sure. Yoga was not going to help, meditating not so much, the breathing was fractured, fear installed, panting and shallow.  And then I thought about this star that was spinning …

And turned it into a pirouette.

Let’s face it, living in this time of our lives brings so much change we are caught in the spiral and it can take us down.  Or it can take us up and up is where I am going.  Things are going to change for sure.  Some of us are lucky to have the normal and the continuation of self, relationships, home and family, and then there are some of us, like me, that finds each day a whole new one, in every way.  I think I tend to start again, every single time.

Which is scary, but also good.

It is the making of self.  I know of many woman, and men, at this Silver stage wondering what the hell … how did this happen, what is going to come of it, where to go … despair in the face of the future.  More than that, many of us have children or close friends who we know, look up to us, waiting and hesitant to see how we shall fare.  A little more pressure, a few more smiles and deep within, when the stars turn dim, that is the time to get to the shining.  With dance … may not be centre stage, but it is your stage.

The thing is, the thing is … it is your call.

How you respond to life and its challenges crosses all decades, all ages, but in the mature times, times the mantel gets heavier. And so back to the pirouette …

If you think growing older is growing weaker, think again.  The body failing and flabbing out … only if you want it to.  Strength, still there.  Effort? Takes  little more but totally doable. And please, don’t burden me with talk of ‘getting older’, and the sighs … I don’t do the sighs.  I begin with the music.

The playlists. The not sitting it out playlists and thinking you are old. They are dancing to life playlists. Do you have them?


A playlist for early in the morning, upbeat and groove challenging. The kind you hit the sidewalk with and go … got this day? Totally!

The public transport/driving in the car/ getting there playlist.

The workout playlist.  When I go … don’t want to but when the music starts, I am Martha Graham, musical theatre, hit the treadmill type of playlist.

Paris playlist.  Pretending I understand all French and oui, my, of course mon ami.  Perfect for walking the streets of Paris in the evenings before dinner at Chez … of your choice.  Shuffle and dance at the thought of romance. Trés sexy stuff.

London playlist.  Strong, artsy and hip. The strutting stuff to take in the history, the diversity and walk faster than the tourists – bold music to shimmy too, and yes, I am doing the shimmy rather than the close moves. You should see me on the platforms of the tube … moving, not standing. I am the one doing the moves with music in my ears. You may not hear it, I hear it.

Italian playlist.  I have so many songs I dance to in Italian and don’t understand a word, get the meaning, the total immersion of it, if you get my meaning? Love, love dancing to Italian music.

South African playlist.  This is a mixture. Home stuff, Afrikaans country and words of the mountains and beaches and earthiness.  Nostalgic and slow appreciation of being part of the story. Dancing to the beauty of her.

My writing time playlist.  End of the day, calm and nostalgic.  The pattern of my life in music, good and sad. Songs that take me back, fill me with love and romance, inspirational and moving. Goes well with wine and dreaming.

All dancing … never sitting this one out.

As I have said before, dance like EVERYONE is watching! Even in the dark, undecided, unknowing times, dance is the liberation of the spirit. Dance and then dance some more. A little jig, a small shuffle, in public, in the kitchen, in the bedroom… dance and, never sit it out.

Thinking about doing some adult ballet classes again. What about you?

We are not lost stars just yet, and ready to sit it out … no, going to light up the skies and light up the universe. Not caring how it looks, just how it feels.

No matter the moment, the dance will solve it all.  Get up and do it.

Images Pintrest and arts