The London Summer ‘s Monday. All this on a Monday?


Not quite a, but a little bit,  manic Monday.

Something has happened.  I wake early and want to go to bed early. Oh dear Lord, I have turned into my parents! Hang on, there is a blog about this … to be written.

Summer in London is the best in the world.  When it does not rain, when the grey cloak is absent, and when I actually find myself waking to birdsong at around four thirty in the morning … and don’t mind. Wide awake … is this possible?  ‘Tis summer y’all and this one is making the most of it for sure. Dark thoughts of my personality in the winter are all too close but shun them this past Monday. It was a London Monday and it is summer, so it counts for the telling, for summer in London is life changing for this crazy person.

By seven I am at the bus stop.  London style, waiting for the 39 and timed to perfection, a la city mapper, which no sensible Londoner should be without. I love the bus ride, I meet the world.  So many stories and a gem of two, scary looking school girls plopped into the seats in front of me.  Grumpy me would have gone, holy shite, they still look hanging from Saturday night.  Hideous hair for starters, make-up plaster and attitudes to match. I am intrigued.

‘I’m so tired, and just found out I have a history project – well, I ain’t gonna do it. Just not happening.’

Friend: ‘F…k them.’

And I used to panic about my nails being too long at inspection. Hair tied up above the collar, the school brookies up to the midriff, freaking out about getting an A.

‘And they made us run around the hockey field. F … king random.’

Okay … hope life treats you well.

My ‘other job.’ A few times a week I am waitron at St. Clements. A love affair, tempered with mind stories of customers I will write about … love the arrival to fresh croissants and fresh coffee.  Good friends and ‘hello’ to the regulars.  The major triumph is remembering the coffee orders (call this brain gym) for not a single … I shall have a flat white.  It’s a flat with a little foam, dry, weak, extra hot with almond/soy/oat/coconut and my kingdom on a horse stuff. Sorted.  The regulars arrive, their dogs … ‘hello Godot, hello Toby, hello Rafferty and oh, hello lovely Lola! The most silent and well trained dogs and I remember my own … dogs that is … dogs that ran in the garden and barked at the postman. Here comes Poppy, hello Poppy!

This is my community and the time goes by in a whirl of Avocado (smashed), coffees and conversation and then my shift is done. Seven hours of running (another blog) but summer awaits.

The Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of the Arts. 22 bus takes me right there with my oat milk cap ( learning the lingo) to witness a spectacular exhibition of art from all walks of life. An hour of indulging and inspiration right there on Piccadilly. Have I mentioned that rocking up in the city in my standard Converse not longer phases me? In my Silver Street, I am rocking the Converse (another blog she thinks) but wandering through art is a gift. I am lost in wanting to be able to try it one day.

I am  always and a forever Laduree child.  I have an expense account for Laduree. And so, it is fitting, post great art, to get my usual macarons. Which are your favourite? With the grass of Green Park calling, I acquired mine.  For grass was calling. It is six o’clock and the sun is high.  All are gathering on the  green – office workers, mothers, children, tourists … all are lured to the idea of just falling on grass, or hiring one of the typical deck chairs for an hour or so. Life on a Monday is now life on a Monday flopping on grass.  Most with wine, the cheese and crackers, friends and photo’s but me, with the Laduree.

It’s a long way from my own garden, from my swimming pool and drinks on the veranda, but the grass is welcoming.  The Converse come off, the toes, so white, wiggle at the thought of freedom.

The thing is, life changes for all of us, drastically, silently at this stage of our Silver Street.  Thoughts of how did this ever come about, how did we end up here, and all that, but for that hour, with freedom on the grass of Green Park, a day of work done, culture fix in hand, I found more than anything, that I was happy. On a Monday. Go figure, in summer, in London, I could do all this, earn, learn and breathe at the end of it. I was doing this alone, and that was the sad part, but I was empowered in that I was doing it. Little windows to people I would never meet again, knowing that others have pushed for something more and me, just soaking up the last of the Monday summer sun before taking the bus home.

I want to hang onto this, for I know the winter will come.  Thoughts of living in this Silver Street will return with all it’s trepidation, but for me, on a Monday, to experience all that … was it meant to be?  That is another blog I think. 

Let’s just say, Monday in Summer London for this Silver Streeter was a Monday of being in the most exciting place I can be right now.

The lesson: Take a Monday in your life and add the spice.

Images Royal Parks, Laduree, Royal Academy



Hello Grace. Forever remembered Kate.

Welcome to my world Grace …

Remember those pebbles one keeps turning up?  Today is a massive pebble moment for me. More like a boulder moment to be exact.  Today, after much trepidation and thought, the caution to the wind blew right in and I bought, for the first time, with my own hard earned money, the latest MacBook Pro. Woosh went the money, hard earned and into my life, came Grace.

Let me tell you why.  For the the first time, since the ‘divorce’ I bought an expensive item, with my own money.  All those hours put into working, not just as a hobby, but as a life changing career path, I have squirrelled my cash into the rainbow fund.  The ‘what if everything goes pear shaped fund?’ The sometimes ‘martyr’ fund, or ‘I don’t want to be ninety-nine and live in a council flat fund.’ All those thoughts of whatever and must prove myself fund.  

But there are times when you just have to say, I need investments, and so I began my sort of bucket list (though I loathe the very phrase) fund of what I needed for my own future goals, my want to call my own sort of thing:  these included, my own bought car, and a computer I could travel with.  The latter being very important.  Let’s just say that mother computer who has been my love for the past seven years, is one that requires a hefty shoulder to carry.  Big assed Bertha was becoming tedious on the bus, lugging and that extra piece of luggage needing a wheelie bag all of her own. Love her I do, but lugging her was not the smoothest operational procedure on an airplane, or bus, or pretty much anywhere with her zero battery hours.  Yup, I messed up on the battery saving thing. You know what I mean.

Swallowing hard for the sake of progress, I did the deed today, and bought Grace.  Sleek, small, light as feather and nécessaire in this new life of mine.  We shall travel, we shall discover each other and I have another project at hand.  Right now, she is still sealed and looking virgin like on my table – there are the little issues of data transfer etc, but right now, all I can do is stare at her and think, Grace, you and I are going far. Why did I call her Grace? Because turmoil, struggle, hardship and surviving have dissipated and evolved into ‘Grace.’ What stories we shall write!


And Kate. Kate Spade was a well known, wonderful entrepreneur who brought joy to the world. To all she seemed the icon of achievement in business, in her public and personal life, in everything she did.  Kate took her life two days ago. Her death shook many – how can it be that a women in her fifties, having achieved so much in her life, always on the outside, bubbling and sparkling on show, could have been so unhappy, so desperate to have ended it with a note?

The shock of it all.  And yet, the sadness of it remains.  The hidden grief, trying to keep that chin up high and pretending all is well, when your inner soul is shattered and torn. I kept thinking, must it take the loss of a well known celebrity in her ‘Silver Street’ time, to jolt us into acknowledging of the many other Silver Street women who, on the surface, seem content and accepting, when they too are lost and afraid and think these thoughts of ending it, and we don’t see the pain?

Truth be told, when life spins from one existence to another, these thoughts of suicide are all too prevalent in those we least except it. When loss and loneliness confront us and we are bewildered as to how it came about, how to deal with it, how futile the future seems – building one life that seems now extinct and not being able to cope with it all.  Truth be told, I was there, many are there, but still we smile, go about our daily lives as if not wanting to burden. The darkness of grief affects millions of people at this Silver Stage – losing our parents, the empty nest syndrome, job redundancies,  failures in relationships, change of habitat … for some the where do I go from now, is frightening. And some, like Kate, cannot see beyond. To want to end it all may be there, in thought, but to go on is what we need to focus on … for help is there. Others are there who can relate and most importantly, it takes you, just you … to make the change, no matter how difficult, but it is possible. 

And that is why I write. The depth of grief is surmountable. The promise of more, even in a different form, is waiting and achievable.

Hello Grace. For all the Kate’s, for all the women in their Silver Street times, different but finding a new path, is going to be the journey upwards to the light. And I shall take all those who could not find it in this time, and take me with them. Everyone matters – everyone counts. New chapters waiting to be written, and for me, with Grace.

Image WWD.






It Happens.

Let’s face it, being here, right now, at this time of our lives … different.  The pages of the book of our lives turn a little too fast, like those animated cartoons they draw and then wizz the pages by so frantically until it all seems to come alive. Woosh!

Everyone though is different.  Some are content with the blessings bestowed and some well … really starting all over again. Complacent or energised? So much to do, much to accomplish, a few dreams to be dusted. Life not even close to settling.

Starting or building up a business at this stage … it’s not so different to all generations.  We have the same blocks to build, the same networks to form, the same goals to achieve.  When it comes to  networking … it is different.  We are fortunate to have the experience, so you see, times it does count. Might not be in your known field, you may be wanting something totally different, but this is where I find the concept of networking so special.  And more so as a women in her Silver Street.

Let me tell you why. And this is important.

I network a great deal for my business. What I have found so enriching about most of it, is that the people I network with, almost all become friends.  

Women are like that.  We don’t meet on a golf course or in a board room, but in a coffee shop, over lunch, in a park, in our homes.  Sharing similar goals and ideals on how to achieve financial freedom. Doing what we love, be it in the creative, financial, medical or education fields.  We chat, first about ourselves, our families, our history and before long we are connected on a deeper level – we actually care about each other over and above our business interests. We want to help each other on a level deeper than business.  How can we help?  How do we tell others and recommend their business? Foster their goals? How do we serve someone who is perhaps, also beginning a new life, a new business – see what’s happening here? We are friend-preneuring.

Of course we want those we form relationships with through networking to help us in our endeavours, believe us worthy of recommendations and build lasting relationships, but we are going deeper than that, we are caring, as women do, and wanting to help.  Is that not our nature, particularly at this stage of our Silver lives, to embrace and empower our sisters and in doing so they will do the same for us? If anyone said friends and business don’t mix, I disagree.  It is the many friends we make through networking, the coming together of like that encourages and fosters our business.  We form a network of kindred souls and my business has grown because of this.  Because friends, some new, some from long ago, are also out there, working hard for their families and themselves and understand the silent language of women in business with lives that may be difficult, wonderful, personal. Women who have lived and turned over many chapters. Friend-preneuring is about the personal. My clients become my friends, my friends give me business, my business thrives because these friends care and I endorse them and care for them in return.

True success in life and business only grows if those you believe in, believe in you.

Networking in this hurried world is not all about landing the contract. The brief. Not in my business anyway.  Being in the travel and events business, being a writer and motivational speaker is a business I can only grow if I learn to understand my clients, their personalities.  They want the best wedding for their children, a memorable trip, a resonating voice.  To be heard. I am not selling a material object but a dream.  To be successful in this, I need to feel trusted and understood. Many great women who are in business do this.  They offer more than the goods, they offer compassion, clarity, vision and in our Silver Street, understanding of what it is like on this road of life.

Networking is great. It is also hectic at times.  But every so often, someone comes across your path and you connect – your get each other, your business interests may be different but your willingness to take care of each other, is mutual. You want to be there for them and they for you. And you work together, as business partners, and as friends.

I look at networking, or entrepreneurship more as friend-preneurship.  And I love it. My clients are my friends and more than that I am theirs. And business is blooming.

So when you go out to network, go out to make a friend. Best of all worlds.

Image Mogul



Choose to show up




Choose to Show up in your own life.

On your terms.

With all your messy make up,

Your unfinished business.

With tattered ballgowns

and good intentions.

Bring your past.

Do not forget your heart.


Choose to show up.

You are your own brand.

Dear Social Media… have you been a naughty girl?


  Baby you can drive my car … but hope you ain’t taking me over a cliff anytime soon.

If you only knew how long it took this Silver Streeters to get to know you. I mean let’s face it, some things were not in my schoolbooks back in the day – twitter this and twitter that, loading Instagram (which I have noticed many are less than instant what with blossoms in December if you get my drift) and Facebook was this anemone’s way of checking up on her long lost what you want to call it people, it took time right?  Let’s not even go to the Snapchat number, I mean who wants to spend time loading a picture and have it snap and vanish … ah maybe some of you do, but I was quite happy with the chosen three to the point of addiction and say what … now the dark side powers that be have been selling my data to the enemy? Little old moi?

I am innocent M’Lord.  Checking it all out is what makes the tube ride shorter.  Focussing on the snapping of flowers, sunsets, bridges and tufts of snow helps me focus on pretty things when the world is bug ugly. Innocent stuff indeed. Thought I was being challenged and victorious when words were limited to limericks and so many characters and yes, believed all these warriors were my army in business and marketing. So what if I told you where I went to school and proved to the world that may children were the best in it – harmless stuff. My voice.

For now it seems my trivial pursuits are part of a darker scheme. Could it be that I have voted for Trump without knowing, that my ‘I am here at Heathrow’ has sent a subliminal message to the trackers who have twisted my course for their own benefit?  Shudder M’Lord, shudder and shake at the thought that I many have swayed the Brexit vote – could it be? Mais non!

Say it isn’t so.  I am just little old me wanting to have a voice that tells my story, not yours. Thought you were the sisterhood but maybe you are the sinister hood after all.  Get it about Ads and such, but voting and endorsing other people’s screwball antics is not what I followed you for.  So you big guns with the golden pockets (lined by the likes of little old me) get your act together and clean up your conspiracies. I don’t want to delete (oh dear what shall I do if I don’t have you) so let me play and go about my business of pretty things without feeling like Salieri with the possible poison.

Phew!  There I have said it. If you want me to be your friend in the future, you are going to have to stop being a naughty girl – my BFF’s do not use me, turn on me or help me sway an election.

We have a lot to give, but it will be on our terms okay?  This way we all get to win.

Your dubious friend on Facebook.

Images Telegraph, Hastac

Learning something new today. Don’t settle with the ‘I’m too old for that.’

bicycle-girl-basket-full-flowers-milk-bread-paris-architecture-background-39462916 Learn anything new today? 

It’s a sobering thought, one I consider daily of late.  Am I learning anything new?  At this stage of our lives, our little brains are pretty saturated with information, habits and experience.  Choc a block full.  Some of it may have disappeared – you know the ‘forgetful’ and ‘must be my age’ stories, how we try to recall things or simply shrug our shoulders and go ‘no, it’s gone.’

Not so true.  I believe it is all still there, only we have forgotten to exercise our brains on a daily basis.  Remember homework?  Everyday your brain was trained to take in new information. Plenty of it.  When we educate our children, we too are exercising our brains in reading stories, assisting with assignments and doing some of the research to boot.  

Work channels our brains into a specific goal orientated place – what pertains to what we do.  We have hobbies and learn from this, and then we get to a point, at least I do, when I wonder if I am learning anything new lately?  Has my daily routine only taxed that part of my brain that falls into that routine, in fact, I think my brain has become lazy.

So I am on a mission to re-educate myself.  All too easy to throw my hands up at new technology for starters.  Some of it I got the handle of, others are more challenging.  Times I ask my adult children for advice (and do you get this?)  to receive the automatic rolling of the eyes.  So I tend to believe it, but it’s not good enough.


Stay with me here.  Let’s take streaming.  Seriously, streaming.  I had not a clue, and now I seem to be the last person who is doing it.  Or really understands what it is.  I am aiming to be streaming 101 student.  Barely got to the grips with Social media, like Instagramming, and now everyone is posting ‘my story’ or adding little lines and messages on their photographs and I am ‘how do you do that’?  

Terms like picmonkey, Alexa,  cloud, 5G, virtual and smart this and smart that … oh boy, it is like a new language, which it is, and I have to get on board.

Then there are the subjects I used to love, or want to learn more about, like French and graphic design and never got around to.  On board and committed.

So what am I saying today?  Apart from regular work, the normal routine of life I follow, I am determined to prove to myself that I can learn something new, perhaps an hour a day, or a project for the month, but I need to do two things with my brain.  Get up to speed on current issues, such as finance and technology, and return to the subjects that I love and re-discover, be it Art, fashion, design, gardening or activities such as camping (did’nt see that coming), getting the camera out again and so much more.

Make the time. What I do, is think about a conversation I have with my children or anyone else.  The ‘how was your day’ sort of conversation.  Do I say the same thing all the time, or can I add to the conversation and my lifestyle by training my brain to recall or learn something new – would like to think so.

Image:  Computer hope, all career


Re-Branding Silver into the sensuous, self-confident, successful you. Part three.

Silver Mercury Drops

Don’t be scared to present the real you to the world, authenticity is at the heart of success.
– unknown


The Silver Brand

Part Three: Business

This baby boomer was a stay at home, full time mom.  My principal job.  Always worked, as a teacher, office manager, designer and later, a travel consultant, but these were flexible jobs, always making sure I was first and foremost, a homemaker. So what does that make me now?  Pretty much at the sticking point of having to re-brand my business into a serious career, that will earn me and income, give me financial security and create an exciting avenue for my talent.  The children have flown, as has the husband. This is not an uncommon tale in the Silver Street part of our lives. 

Time to re-brand the business

Many women have worked their entire lives, and may be thinking ‘ I need to change.’  Some may need to begin a career for the first time, or re-evaluate their careers due to redundancy, for financial reasons, or simply because it proverbial rut keeps growing.  So much happens at this time of our lives, in every aspect of it, but it is also an opportunity to take the best of who we are, of what we have accomplished and forge these qualities into  exciting, new selves, and a new business.  If you are one of those, like me, we need take the advice we have been giving our children, and others and re-brand.

Silver Escalator going up Going up

Business as usual or business as the beginning of a whole new adventure?

I am opting for the latter. Re-branding my business, adding some new ideas, embracing what I cannot change and changing what I can.  Re-branding myself so it’s a double whammy of power house control.  

10 points to consider when re-branding a business

  • Re-branding needs work.  A swot analysis of either what I already have, an existing website, a limited company and clients for example.  Strip down what you have, and either begin the play dough moulding by pulling away pieces that don’t suit you, doesn’t work and adding new ideas to freshen the basic structure of your business. If you are beginning again, at something new, do the homework with a positive attitude.
  • For those who are starting out, fear is real.  Changing what you have?  The fear is real.  We doubt ourselves more at this Silver Street time – have we missed the entrepreneurial bus?  Are others going to take us seriously?  How do we market ourselves when we have been stagnant, holding back or in a new environment?  We always believe that others are already doing it better, have been around longer, know the contacts, are the contacts – we put every excuse in the book in our paths to deter us and knock that confidence down a little more with our doubts. Fear is real,  but so is self loathing when we cannot bring ourselves to begin again, to change, and that should motivate us to literally ‘take the bull by the horns’ and steer our own lives.
  • Believe you are capable.  You have managed to get through life pretty well up till now.  You have experience (which is a great asset), knowledge and the ability to contribute to the business sector, on your own terms.
  • Choose to do something you love.  This is important.  Many of us are involved in more than one business, doing a number of things we love that will reward us, rather than staying in the corporate world until retirement.  If you love designing, consulting, baking, wealth management or anything else that takes your fancy and rocks your business boat, start today even if it means temping on the side, or even working odd jobs to fuel your passion.   
  • Don’t be put off by finance.  We have social media and that good old ‘word of mouth’ is your best friend.  You can put together a free website, get an email address, and network.  Getting out there is the objective – no-one gains from being invisible.  
  • Do and don’t take it personally. Yes it is, it is you and what you can do.  If someone doesn’t get your vision, then don’t – they don’t know you and what you can achieve. 
  • Find like minded people who will support you. Surround yourself with optimism.
  • Life may have knocked you pretty hard, it know it has me, but ultimately we are the only one’s responsible for how we go on from disappointment and loss.  There were many moments we think ourselves useless and unloved, but having a great business is a sure fire way of creating the Super woman that you are.  It gives purpose to your life.
  • Purpose is the reason we should all take stock of where we are in Silver Street.  Much of what we did in the past has changed, we need a new purpose and what better way to achieve that by working at something we love, and making money whilst doing so? 
  • Re-branding you business may take you to avenues you never dreamed of.  Never limit yourself because you feel you have spent years working on your existing business.  How can you feather it out?  Who can benefit from your skills in a different way, whilst still keeping the core?  My travel consultancy is now also a venue destination business for weddings and special events.  This means I have to re-brand the business to reflect the new direction whilst still maintaining my core business.  I get to plan the trip and the occasion – need to re-brand to show that.

silver pencils

have the pencil, the notebook and the inspiration at the ready.  Courage will be my vessel and not settling in my fifties and in my Silver Street will be my motivation. There is so much we have to offer, from the smallest gem of advice to the most beautiful artwork and skills we have gathered in our own life garden, that nothing should stop us re-branding our lives and our business’ to embrace a new era.

That Era has our name on it.

Images Peintres



Re-Branding Silver into the sensuous, self-confident, successful you. Part Two

Silver Mercury Drops

‘In time of silver rain
The butterflies lift silken wings
To catch a rainbow cry,…’ Langston Hughes
In this Silver time, we embrace our beauty, adorn ourselves with make-up, accessories and fashion to stride forth, confident that this is the time when life, with pleasure, and pain, makes of us, art.
As with puberty, this Silver time is when our bodies, once again, go through the most change.  We are menopause, siphoning Estrogen, losing elasticity, wanting for moisture – our bodies are marching to a drum not of our choosing.  If we let it …
Silver fluidity
Part Two: Fluidity
When I was forty-seven, let’s call it my Vermillon time, I was in sync with my body.  I loved my body and gave it attention.  I gave her respect and she in turn, gave me confidence, sexiness, form. Life happened and I neglected her.  She became stiff, formless and fat.  Easy to blame you, I said, you were not important when my mind, my darkness and loss descended.  You were the last thing on my mind.  
I began to miss her strength.  Her agility.  Her sexiness.  Was it too late, I thought, must I succumb to the years and acceptance of Silver being a downward spiral rather than an upward thrust? In the realisation that this body, this mighty messenger would be with me for a number of years hence, I needed to change my attitude.  I needed to regain my friend.
So I had to give myself a good lecture. This has gone to far – Take note:
  • It’s okay that things went pear shaped in your life.  
  • You cannot remember when last you touched your toes.
  • Or looked in the mirror and sort of went ‘yeah’.
  • Croissants are for ‘when in Paris’ only.
  • Study Martha Graham.
  • Amazons never ‘did lunch’ everyday.
  • Wine may be your best friend, but there is a limit to your devotion.
  • That ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ never works.
  • Stop weeping that your boobs are popping out of the smaller size, the muffin top takes centre stage and your favourite clothes well, have been sitting in the wardrobe for ‘one day.’

Start today.  Slowly remember your body is you, and no matter the size, be comfortable with it.  But get it fluid again.  There is time enough when you cannot get out of the chair.

silver pintrest

Remember when you played with mercury at school?

You are silver Mercury

May sound crazy, but I got fed up with the hanging onto what I used to be.  Pain made me stiff and unyielding and all I could do was remember …. backwards, and giving up … forwards.  Not any more, I am taking responsibility for myself.

Begin with just not listening to what everyone else tells you.  Diet, exercise, must do this and must do that.  Your body will tell you.  You know how much to eat, how much to move and even if it’s just to the music, let yourself sway.  Some may be tri-athletes in the Silver stage and I salute them, but mortals like me need to have a plan that calls for common sense. There is absolutely no reason why you should not be fluid and fit. No excuse if that is what you want. 

The plus paper

Beautiful body, beautiful mind, beautiful you

Think fluidity and you the rest will follow

So, aiming for the beautiful … get yourself the beauty products and build on your body till you literally glide.

Images: Pintrest, the plus paper

Re-Branding Silver into the sensuous, self-confident, successful you. Part one.

 Silver Mercury Drops

The time has come to change.  Time for the Silver to rise.  Youth may be deep in your soul, but rather than hanker back, find this Silver time in your life a renaissance, a re-birth of a stronger, greater and more possible you.  Re-brand yourself, your business and your lifestyle to achieve even greater heights.  It is possible, it is inevitable – it is achievable.
To master an ever greater sense of self in this Silver time, you need to bring together the many elements of who you are; your body, your business, your home and your environment.  All intertwined and need care to fuse your new lifestyle into a positive sense of self-awareness. 
Strip it down to build it up.  
To the new Silver, sensuous, self-confident, successful you.
Part One: Rebranding your beauty
Silver Beauty
Your body is your Masterpiece
A simple truth. If you want to feel good about yourself, you need to look good, head held high and strutting the stuff.  You need to feel empowered, you need to feel invincible.  It’s a great self-confidence booster.  Forget the lines etched upon your face, the spots on your hands, the thinning eyebrows.  All are part of who you are now, so embrace and be beautiful. 
Not really here to talk about beauty recommendations, though I have many.  This does not include the cheapest, ‘splash a bit of the local on the face’ variety. There are superb women blogging out there about skincare and fashion musts.   I take their advice.  What I want to talk about, is the adorning of the physical, to ignite the spiritual.  
I remember when I had my first baby, and felt ghastly; exhausted, tearful, unable to cope with a demanding infant.  Midwife of little sympathy, ordered me to get up, have a shower and put on make-up, every morning.  Never forgotten that and times when the whip of life is particularly fierce, I still try to rise every morning and give myself the gift of looking good.
Some women do not feel the need for make-up and how gorgeous are they?  I love the fact that as a woman, I can wear make-up, have my hair done, coloured, paint my nails and play with beauty. Go from the frizzy curls to the sleek, the gold to the blush, choose – that’s it – I get to choose.  I get to play and play as you know is truly therapeutic. 
Silver nails  ‘‘Oh look!  So many colours.’  Colouring your life is another blog in the wings, but for now, let’s talk about colour in your beauty box.  No, not recommending, but just saying, if you thought Autumn and beige is your lot from now on – shake off the settling!  As long as you keep it elegant, classical, go for the Venetian blues, the pantone greenery, go for the luchious reds – there is no rule to say once past fifty you need to sink into peat and pigsty brown.  Coco classical.  
With Spring, it’s all blush for me. Peony pinks, rose, cuppuchino cool and dusty lilacs.  Now that the toes can escape from the boot brigade, blush will turn to coral and beach colours soon.  
 Let’s keep the specials and turf out the old.
Take a trip up the beauty aisles.
Invest in your beauty.
Mature ballerinas pintrest. Eveline Halljpg
 Eveline Hall
Tis, true, the crowing glory.  Times we feel our hair is failing us.  Limp, greying, frizzy and just not playing the game.  Don’t let yourself be beaten by age, in particular the style of your hair.  You know what you would like your be hair to be like, make it so.  It may take you a bit longer, cost a bit more, but when you step out, your hair should make you swish with pleasure.  Besides a beautifully made up face, your hair is literally the first impression.  
Grey is the new Silver.  Not ready to go to the grey side, that’s ok, just let your hairstyle be the extended vision of the Silver you.  
I love my long hair.  Never going to change.  I can up style, ponytail, clip and let loose to suit whichever mood I’m in.  My long hair makes me feel sexy, strong and empowered.  What hairstyle does the same for you?
crystal couture stationery
 Spoil your beauty
in the fine things you deserve
Ever get to the point where you wonder, what’s the point?  You have all the things you want and the clothes in your cupboard will suffice?  When last did you buy yourself something special?  How are you on the score of pretty lingerie?  Have you settled for the practical rather than sexy close to your body?  Time to forget the mundane, get yourself to the pretty bows and whistles and along with the trip to the beauty aisles, invest in some gorgeous lingerie to allow yourself to feel truly beautiful.
Step one of re-branding the Silver that is you, in looking at yourself in the mirror and if you don’t see that incredible self looking back at you, make a change. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.
You could think being in your fifties and settling is enough for your future
Or you could just make this the most incredible time of your life.
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Where have you been to my lovely …

url  ‘Hey lady … want to talk to you.’

There was this little town, in the middle of nowhere important I grew up in.  Children played with children across the street, our worlds imagined on bicycles, up trees, burning to a crisp beside the neighbours pool, dreaming of David Cassidy and banksia petal confetti.  The world was far away, our world was close. Parents were figures.  Our small dreams were limited to music, the drive-in on a Friday night and the perfect man who would build us a home and bring chocolate on the weekend.

The town was too small to stay and we scattered into life.  Trés jolie la la la and in this Silver Street time, when life did or did not turn out the way we planned, we somehow find each other again.

Tonight in a slightly bigger town, a reunion took place.  Quite by accident, fateful none the less.  Forty years have passed and the lives of the little us became a story of each relating the patterns and paths walked.   Call it interesting – call it educational but for the most part, call it little girls found in the knowledge that through chance, through change, the bond still exists.

So, times the banksia confetti chocolate bearing person happened.  Times the person left, is still bearing gifts of love and for all the lines and elastic waists, whipping of offspring pictures and loss of parents, siblings, children and youth, the stories are what remain.  And the stories of each was for me, spell bounding.

group-of-women-clip-art-of-fairlady-on-our-sofa-ySUkqW-clipart I thought they were alright.  Life is kind so it was ok to forget about you.  Like you forgot about me.  We were fine.  That word again. Fine.  It was at times painful, paralysing, re-directing, coping, moving on.  And the most important lesson tonight, it really is fine.  We have survived loss, birth, countries and relationships.  We have re-invented ourselves, fought the gods, cried at the furies, messed with the ambition and never gave up.  Humbled I was, humbled and the last time I felt like this, I remember us on the street corner, playing hooky in the dark, diving under water and lying beneath the stars, nestled in our own dreams in a small town. I was humbled because I was still waiting for life to claim me.

Know what, we did good, we failed hopelessly and stood up again.  Orphaned, abandoned and created lives that were not only interesting but way beyond what we had ever imagined. Time has not withered us, love has touched us all and in this re-connection we could only smile and remember that these little girls, by accident have found each other again.  Do we reach out for our people who danced in tutu’s with us, ran races beside us, who twirled with us in our pyjamas and wrote love songs so that we know, as life turns and twists we are still part of a tribe?  Do we reach for so far ago, each of us, to begin again together with the knowledge that someone remembered our innocence?

555859_412159025541264_783407633_n_zps04293968 They knew my mother.  My father. My single bed, my textbooks, they knew my first kiss.  Encouraged our first slow dance to The Moody Blues? Does that make me feel safer now that I am the older, the wiser, the mother of my own and the far away, so far away from where it all began? Is that why we do not need to catch up but to carry on?  The short of histories and the long of let’s just walk together again?

Is it that no matter what, these friends remind me of the clean slate, back in that little town?  The slate of what little poppets with the long legs and plaits on the brink could be again?  That I think is what makes me sit here, write and think about.  We can begin again, or continue to be because we know we are all worthy of having had a carefree childhood, sometimes forgotten but never far away. I smile as I sit here because  I know that no matter how my life turned out, turns out, my friends remember me back then – we go that far back to to support each other that far hence.

I smile because when I forgot who I was, which I do when circumstances force me to change, these extraordinary women wait in the wings and when I need them, step forward.

I am one of the lucky ones to have friends who remember me in hot pants.

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