Can you change your career in Silver Street?

vintage-berlin-guide Oh, times I am so bored with the whole thing!

Want change, want change, want change!  Sound familiar?  Is it even possible?

Ah the ever trampled cliché called ‘the Midlife Crisis.’  I believe some do suffer from the affliction, physically I did for sure, but crisis – that’s my middle name.  Crisis chic de la Créme.  Is it mid-life, it’s life, magnified.  What I do know is this is the time when things change too fast, and others become stale.  And we are not talking about the bucket list thing.  Shhhh …

Bodies aside, have you ever reached a point when blah to the career you have spent half your life building up?  Has the thrill waned, the point faded and the desire … flagged?  That’s fine, but what do to instead?  If you are suffering ‘career blah’ a few questions for you.

  • How long have you been thinking about this?
  • Is there a burning desire to start all over again?
  • Do you have the courage to do this?

and then:

  • what do you see yourself doing?  Would it be following a passion, like becoming a floral designer or going into coaching?  Something like health and fitness or going back to study – are we talking about a five year degree here?
  • Will this change in career bring about financial strain in the beginning and are you ready to make a financial sacrifice to do what you think you really love?
  • Would you need a loan to start your new business, or contemplate an investor in your new business?
  • How good are you at doing the math, being able to support yourself whilst making the change?
  • How would you go about branding yourself in this new venture?

If you are sort of nodding, even half heartedly at the questions above, you are ready for the change!

So how do you go about it?

Some tips.

  • So the math again.  Have a contingency plan for the stepping stone phase, moving from one career to the other, which you can do gradually until you feel secure enough to let go and dive in.
  • Think of your title.  This is very important.  When introducing yourself, what will you say about your career.  Tell yourself ‘I am an Executive Coach/chef/writer/designer/blogger/hedge fund manager … whatever, if you say it enough, you will begin to believe it.  Imagine the title on your passport – that should be persuasive enough.
  • Brand yourself.  Imagine how your business cards will look.  Your website, shop, office and social media.
  • Create mood boards.  Mood boards are vital in creating a visual, spatial and ideal vision of the environment you want to be in.  Not just be brides to be and Event planners.

picmonkey-image An idea for South Africa as a travel destination.

  • Begin your social media.  Your business may still be a ‘tiny little fledgling’ but the interest factor is in place.
  • Decide on where you want to create your new business.  Will it be a home business or do you need to find the perfect venue for your shop?  If it is a destination business, such as a shop or office, will you need feet flowing past, in the right location or a pop up to begin with?  These are important factors to consider, it’s going to be difficult to start a food truck if you have nowhere suitable to park it!
  • Consider networking.  Have you found a niche for your business and if so, find those in a similar field who will promote and support your business.  Networking should lead to solid leads, not just the social time together.
  • Research, research, research.  You will need to build up a solid list of suppliers, agents, contacts and dependable venues.
  • The ever important budget.  Be ruthless, positive but realistic.  What part of your business will absorb the largest part of your finances?  Your start up costs will take a chunk of your budget, so how to streamline and factor it all in.  You may have a vision, but this takes money and you need to be financier extraordinaire.
  • Consider doing an Internship to learn the ropes of your new venture.
  • Have I forgotten something?  You tell me …

and then:

  • Listen carefully, this is important … GO FOR IT!
  • You can begin again, change your career and make a life doing something you are passionate about.
  • You can dive into unknown waters and swim.  Remember those first swimming lessons, thinking you shall drown for sure, and the joy of knowing you have learnt how?
  • You can share all that magnificent knowledge you have, all your experience and make your dream something others want to share.
  • You can learn, about everything. Learn to manage your money, find those suppliers, create your website, promote yourself.
  • You have the ability to do this.
  • You need to do this.
  • You will do this.

hip-paris-blog-muse-kate-7-1600x1068 Find your Muse.

And Tres Important.  If you have never had a ‘career’ to speak of, but been working at the same job for most of your life, or been an at home mum, or whatever, this is your time to fly.  Start your career for the first time, no matter what the stage of your life, no matter how far down the road you are – you have something to offer the world, we want to see it and you are the only one to make it happen.

And then, please invite me to share your dream.  I would love to hear your story.

Image.  Hip Paris