The Summer of 2018. You know how we like to talk of the …

The foxes are loving this hot summer. The nights in particular.  They crash into my sleep with voices unabated.  Are these sounds of passion I wonder, or loneliness, calling for a mate, I don’t know but sounds rather like the former so I shall resolve to think they are very happy little foxes.

Sleeping in the hottest summer in London since … is another story.  Sans air-conditioning, the double glazing does little to help.  Let’s just say I am capable of a cold shower at four in the morning, when the sun comes up. Despite the ever complaining about the weather humans, I am loving it, glow intermittently and make sure optimism is ever at the fore when climbing onto the tube.  All sorts of happiness surrounds me in the summer, even my herbs are flourishing on the balcony.  The rose tries valiantly to bud with singed leaves.

I reckon its all in the attitude.  And preparation to cope with the hottest summer since … and as write from my little balcony, golfers are pinging away across the road. I can hear the shank shots a mile away and instinctively duck for fear of instant death by golf ball, a little sorry that I never really took up golf back in the day – who knows what joys have escaped me? Still, about to go into the city, delighted that my little crossbody bag from Guess is all I need. Purse, lipstick, diary and pencil – cool – what a difference from the winter collection.

Best little summer dress from Cotton Hill in Cape Town.

Two other favourites to get me in the summer mood and must haves are:

Avéne Thermal Spring Water – you have no idea how refreshing a spritz every now and then, like a cool lover’s breath on my face and neck.

My staple summer fragrance,

Bobby Brown’s ‘Beach’.  This reminds me so much of my holidays on the beach as a child, an electric mix of sand, saltwater and sunscreen in a bottle.  Sadly, the fragrance has been, it seems, discontinued as Bobbi has left the company I am told, and taken her favourite fragrances with her.  Needless to say I am scouring the city for what will be a stock pile of this loveliness.

I like anywhere with a beach. A beach and warm weather is all I really need. Rob Gronkowski

If I cannot be on a beach, I shall wear the ‘Beach.’

London in August is quiet, in the suburbs, that is.  The tourists flock and feint around the tourist destinations, but most Londoners are away during the school holidays.  We notice this at the café and in truth, I don’t mind the calm. Having to not wear a suit and be in corporate London is something else I am grateful for.  My ‘too in my space’ neighbours upstairs have moved out and I wait to see who will lie above me in the future (such a horrible thought actually and why flat living is something I wonder if I will ever get used to!)

At last a decent a stylish coffee shop en route to the Tube.  DeRosier Chocolates and Coffee Shop is going to be a favourite ‘getmycoffeefix’ even though it may be hard to resist the free chocolate tastings on the top of the counter.

So, left the water for the bees on the garden table. Not the sugar water which it seems has been a bit of a fake entry, but I have had a number of bees attempting to sip from my wine glass in the evening, so leaving them some water instead.  Great big bumbles here in the UK, still find them fascinating though I could have done without the lonesome buzzer and foxes last night thank you very much!

No doubt in years to come we shall still be talking of the Summer of 2018, the hottest summer since …