Colouring my world.

‘The time has come … the time has come … that lovely time has come.’

‘But oh!’ She says, ‘where to begin?

One must always begin with a story …

Upon a time, there was this lady (which would be me), worryingly naive and unceremoniously set down in a foreign land.  That would be Great Britian, or England, or more precisely, the city of London.  That same city seen only through the eyes of Harrods/Selfridges/Harrypotterfilmlocations/prideandsanderson eyes.  The afternoon tea/musicals/postmanpat/englishgardens eyes.

We digress.  Rather, said lady landed in a tiny apartment with foreign furniture and even more foreign habits, such as never expected.  A few years passed and all dreams of buying the equal to before, dissipated in the fog. A small, two bedroomed flat became available and I had the bright eyed wonder lust of decorating a little dream nest.  Not really thinking that it would be a forever thing, but a purpose and pretty pastime.

The winds of change that blew across the lake and beneath the frosty doors were profound, unceasing and destructive and the little flat, though changed, changed again – pretty morphed into prison of broken dreams and sat within it, or on my balcony as you know so well, fearing my tears would drown me.  But they didn’t, I wailed at the furies and finished the vineyards.

In the midst of winter I resolved to sell it.  Be done!  Be gone, I shall walk away to God knows where and be the martyr, and beginner again. Little did the lady realise that the winds would shift, the spring, the breathtakingly long summer and golden Autumn shades would turn and  bring a new perspective. Rather than want rid of this little blessing, so close to my family, is exactly where I want to be. Winter came around, only I was no longer the winter past, but filled with summer and a decorating plan.

We are both in need of a loving make over, and the first task is the main bedroom.

A fitting whiff of burning sage to say goodbye to ghosts of past, out the window you go with good wishes, and onto the redecorating .  This is not easy – what colour, what design, what accessories to add?  The old adage, know what I don’t want, but what exactly is it that I want? Phew!

Presently the walls are painted in Laura Ashley’s Pale Biscuit.  Sort of leaning towards the palette of greys, french blues and raspberry hues, but the lovely French headboard is cream, so need to work with that.  Perhaps linen, textures of natural fabrics and duck egg blue?  French blue – botanical green?  The point is, for the first time, in a long time, the little home is changing her ballgown and it’s all rather exciting, so watch this space.

Taking stock of your life, where you live and despite the loving artefacts, it is important to keep changing the scene to invigorate, not only your home, but your attitude to life.  For too long all has been stagnant and waiting … change is good, but only when you are ready for it.

Begin with a mood board of what you love. What you believe a bedroom represents, and the making it your own.  What style suits you.  What colours soothe, comfort and how it will enhance the purpose of the room.

Nights are closing in fast this winter in London.  Lighting is important (still shying away from the must have winter lamp and vitamin D – she shall embrace the winter nights and dark mornings). Investing in good, atmospheric lighting and great pieces of art, a bespoke, bevelled mirror and carpets to retain the warmth are on the list.  Fabrics that caress, excellent linen and photographs to kiss before bed. It is especially in my bedroom that I want my family, past and present, close.  Utterly Romantic is the thought uppermost in this room.

Amongst so many things!

The story continues … 

She is living on her own, for the first time in her life (if you exclude the college and early working stages) and her home is now a haven to reflect the things she loves, the ideas that make her feel, safe and empowers her.  A home from home for the children. No matter how small her life, and abode has become, it is still a reflection of me, her dreams and her haven when the door is closed from the outside world. It is enough.

Let you know how it goes, and if you are feeling a little caught between this and that, life and all the drama, look around you, and like me, begin to colour your world. Starting with change …