A little Sunday night history lesson, with the gin.

‘Be grateful for being a baby boomer.’

Sunday night – for me the weekend simply means another working day, but it’s ok – building on the self strategy so all is good.

Many know I have been giving tours of London for a while now, but since joining Coutours a few months back, I find myself being a student again.  The brain is pickling around hundreds of facts, dates and anecdotes so you may just find me mumbling data and smacking my head when it escapes me!  Paying attention to a multitude of signs and symbols oft passed in daily life and now going … wow … I didn’t know this, and amazing to see how that makes sense etc.  This city is built on Roman foundations and her history is both fascinating and trés gory. Very, very dark layers to her frock.

Let’s just say there has been many a wee soul, a young lass and an old wench who knew only struggle and pain (if they made it past their fifth birthday).  Life was dirty, dangerous, and short.  If you didn’t die in childbirth or get lynched for being a witch, you were valued somewhere close to the local produce, or an ox.  Even if you were born to wealth and status, chances were, as a woman, you were a commodity to be bartered and sold.  No wonder so many turned to drink (so what’s new?) planned murder or went to jail to get the vote.

By the by, as we sip upon our lovely gins with flavoured tonic, back then gin was cheap as chips, and lethal.  Made of all sorts of dubious elements, including rat droppings, and highly addictive, hence the term ‘Mother’s ruin.’ One desperado killed her babe to sell it’s clothes for gin.  Drowning one’s sorrows takes on a whole new meaning.

The thing is – on a Sunday night – the thing is, history acts as a vital lesson to remind ourselves that, despite some hard times, life is actually pretty good for us baby boomers.  Next time life weighs me down, notes to self:

  • I never had to give childbirth in an alley.
  • Sleep beneath a rat infested roof.
  • Eat rotten food and have my teeth fall out.
  • Dodge drunken sailors.
  • Wear the same clothes every day and try and wash them in a barrel of water filled with river water, filled with sewage.
  • Be accused of a crime I never committed and be hanged for it.
  • Own nothing of my own.
  • Be seen as one without an opinion.
  • Slave each day for little or nothing.
  • Think death better than living.

Yet, there are still women who live these very lives today.  The lesson is also never to forget of fail to fight for them too.

History inspires me.  The world’s, my own, for times one needs only to look back to look ahead and realise, it’s going to be alright. Most of us have had a good life and times we need reminding of it.

So, when we do sip the gin, bespoke wise, let it be a  silent toast to those women who lived in dark times, still do, and making sure we create the best chapters of our own lives.

No longer ‘Mothers’ ruin’ but Mother having a G&T and secretly smiling ’cause she knows better.

Image: TNT magazine