Comforts in a time of Not yet the Christmas Spirit and Covid.


If I cannot travel now, I find the memories and momentous of my travelling times, the greatest comfort. Rooibos and Honey Tea and the honey I bought last year at Le Potager du Roi, in Versailles.  When I do find the perfect French/Sourdough loaf, there is little better than crispy toast, lashings of butter and this honey, along with a cup of the Red Bush, as the English like to call it.  I say Rooibos, with the extra touch of the rrrrr.

The Autumn leaves are almost down (Halloween style), whipped by the wind,  the world getting a little anxious, all over again, it is to the small things we return.  Not the initial lockdown of ‘survivor mode’, endless puzzles and illegal wine gathering.  Having said that, even here in England, should I be stockpiling the wine, or Merde!, perhaps the Christmas party food? If we are still having a Christmas n’est pas?  I do see some lovely Christmas decorations already …

Did I tell you about John Lewis and their Christmas decoration department?  A knock my socks off sort of shiny heaven.  Not just for the traditional green to gold to red, there must have been about six different themes, right down to a London themed tree, shiny cabs and glistening red buses.  Deeper than Prussian blue peacocks meshed with gold and aaah…  you had to be there. Thinking about it now, the staff then were just wonderful, so what happened to the goblins of yesterday?

This little home from home from home … as this little gypsy lives, is getting into a very early Christmas Spirit. We all know there is not much else going on.  Since my return to London, the café chapter has closed, there are no tourists and thus no tours, the travel and event industry lies beneath the spell, and so, why not get into the Christmas Spirit (and a little Halloween too).

For those of us with Children, you remember those early years when they made Christmas decorations in October?  Those delightful creations we gushed over and tried to identify?  Right along with the Nativity plays in November.

On the slightly melancholy side of things, my attempt yesterday at getting ‘Christmassy’ for stocking fillers and the like, was not the greatest experience.  Somehow felt like the pretend thing was going on:  we know Christmas is coming so we will put out a few decorations, churn out some jingles and patrol anyone without a mask, thorough washing of hands or cautious about a close up of the goodies on display.

‘Step back from that counter’ – was one ‘Hello’ and ‘How can I help you’, in disguise.

‘Madam, there is now a no touch and smell policy in place.’  Okay, so I want to smell the difference between the bath bombs, even through the mask which is like smelling a rose through a dishtowel, but you didn’t need to be so hostile.  The harassment continued when I unknowingly stepped into a cute shop for a take away coffee and was … merde again, the third man and crossing the boundary. Step away from the door, onto the sidewalk until summoned. You can imagine by that time it was … this is frigging random, and not working for me.  The zombies that should be thankful to still have a job, would make Nurse Ratchet seem like a Lark in a willow tree.  Glum, short, nothing like the jolly, jolly, jolly, but then, it could just have been me with expectations too high, what do you think?

The day was nursed back into happiness with family, a pot of tea and Marks and Spencer’s shortbread biscuits. Bought the biscuits for Christmas somebody and decided, invasive action was required for cheering up.  Worked a charm. And of course, George.

Home comforts hey?  Not going to be flouncing around Paris in the next few weeks, or popping to see the gardens which are either time slotted or closing for the winter.  No dash up to Balthazars, to dinner with friends, or a last lie on the beach, so I say … bring on the Christmas spirit, pretend if you have to, hoard up on the little home comforts and stay positive.

If you had to surround yourself with a few home comforts to lift the spirits, what would they be?