A wonderful man. Alan Rickman.


I am beginning to mourn the year I thought would be an uplifting event.  2015 was so sad, so many people, said and here we are at the babe month of 2016 and icons are leaving us in this mortal world. No, No , No.

Alan Rickman, gone today and missed already.  Everyone remembers Snape, who would forget him, but for me, my love affair began with his voice in ‘Sense and Sensibility’, all those years ago.

images-7‘Sense and Sensibility.’  (1995) confirmed my love for Romantic England.  Pastoral, wild flowers and embroidered bonnets England.  It was to be sealed with ‘Pride and Prejudice’ in 1997, but for me, no Willoughby: but the sweet, articulated notes of Colonel Brandon.  The voice of Mr. Rickman.

And the classic Christmas scene from ‘Love Actually (2003).  Heart hanging as I write this.

Thankful for memories.

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