Brumers. Hang out with the wallpaper.

ImageGen.ashx-2Knowing the ‘yeah, let’s meet at my place’ in London has proved more difficult than I thought.  For years I kept searching for my hangout place – love loads of them, but 2016 meet you in the city spot has got to be, for me, Brumers in the Haymarket Hotel.

Another of those, must be the last person to find out about it, but a meeting around Christmas time, getting out of the cold (well not so cold it turned out to be) into this eclectic Nirvana of Interior decor had me go ‘Ah’, this is going to be my place this year.  I mean, swirl is the only way to describe it, swirling wallpaper, fusion overload of design and it all works.

If I had a secret pash for Kit Kemp before, this is pash personified.  Pink and doggie stencils on the back of chairs – it’s Barbie meets a shoot in the country avec plaids, which should confuse the most stately of men partaking of cocktails in strawberry comfort.  Uh em, rather tasteful cacophony here.

To date, gloopfuls of cake and Redbush fusion, but sinking into is the objective here.  Dash to all the rules of what goes with what, it works, blending motion on walls with prints and puppies.  Love being in a place where the eye continues to drink in decor.  Intelligent decor is a real aphrodisiac.

ImageGen.ashx-2  Trés excited about Brumers and the thought of deals done   and people meeting, pre-dinner tiddles and writing of entries for how to design my own.  If you want to meet up in the city, my place this year, is Brumers.

p/c Haymarket Hotel.