Take Care of your memories. David Bowie.

images-9 Dawid Bowie died today.  That’s impossible, not allowed. Friends are writing of how they snuck into his concerts and followed the trend.

‘Only now as I listen to much of his music do I realise how much his music has been a constant of my life.’ – Emma.

“Bowie watches over my desk…”Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.” – Michele

‘The first concert I went to was to see David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust at Lewisham Odeon. My bestie & I bunked in because as schoolgirls we couldn’t afford to buy tickets but we realised we couldn’t afford to miss this either. Since that day I have been lucky enough to see many talented musicians perform. But no performance has quite equalled that one.’ – Annie

‘Loved Bowie. Can’t stop crying.’ – Marina

10646658_10153790792396358_4327460512578225794_n  My first LP. First time I ever saw a man in make-up.  That kind of image does not fade.  So cool, ‘the coolest man on the planet’ – and the radio has been playing his songs all day.

The Prime Minister is saying how cool he was. images-11

Songs will re-appear, and sales, well, sales will leap.


Ground control to Major Tom – over and out. With love