To the face, the painting.

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Shall I forever admire those women who choose not to apply the paintbrush to the face, the au naturel vision – no.  Make up is my playbox, being doing it since I could reach for Mother’s lipstick on her dresser.

It’s a magical box of colours and tints that take this bed face to performance level, it’s a right I cherish and the world is filled with pretty colours and hues to apply.  Choice, choice, choice.  Use them.

Remember the days when the brightest blue on the eyelids popped!  If I tried that today, well the mutton proverbial, but there are still shades of blue that will add the dramatic, intensify the eyes and deepen the colour of your eyes.  Don’t be afraid of leaving the taupes for a change of direction to boom!  Right now I am loving  Laura Mercer’s  ‘Arc de Triumph’ blue – would I not (she sighs at the thought of Paris).

Everyday starlet Dreamy times of ‘the beautifying’.  Silver shades for the date of love, the date of self, the date of possibilities.  From Cleopatra to Marilyn, serving the goddess of make up should be a ritual of languish, of lingering.  Foundation, powders, the curving of eyebrows, the glory of mascara, who would not want to paint?

In the silver times, garish artificial light in the morning of workday blues are transformed when the brushes come out, the colours displayed and finally, the touch of lipgloss to set the mood for a strong, woman day. I am ready or my close up Mr. de Mille …

p/c everydaystarlet