Am Home


Writer    Storyteller   It’s that time … our  Silver Street time.


There is a street, in a beautiful city, that is my favourite.  It begins in the old part of the city, stories cemented in her walls.   The street leads me past doorways, some entered, some still undiscovered.  In the distance a winding turn, and then, as if by magic, the street brings me to a view of the river.  And a bridge to cross.

I find myself in that street.  Our life walls filled with stories, and secrets.  Doors opened, closed and still inviting. When we least expect it, a beautiful view of life, of love, of new opportunities. In Silver Street, and to the Silver river. 

Fifty something and Silver.  Letting go, embracing the new and breaking the stereotype – this is our time. Thrilling stuff.

In Silver Street, I realised how much experience I have, how little I know, that I have found love, lost love and loved regardless. In my Silver Street I have discovered how strong I am, and  I know, this is going to be A Beautiful Walk indeed.

To my tribe … and those I love.