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And then, there are the dreamers …

Writer, Tour Guide, Travel and Event Designer.


There is a street, in a treasured place, that is my favourite.  Begins in the old part of the city, stories cemented in her walls.   Doorways, some entered, some still undiscovered.  In the distance a winding turn, and then, as if by magic, a view of the river.  And a bridge to cross. That street reflects many of us in this Silver Street time.

Fledglings have flown, relationships made, said some sad farewells.  But settle? Never.  This is a time of empowerment, new beginnings and interesting prospects.  It is our Silver Street time filled with past experiences, a little wisdom and so many doors still to open.  It is a beautiful walk.

Grew up in the heartland of South Africa, now living between London and Cape Town, always finding time to be in Paris.  Love travelling, creating journeys and events for others, writing about my Silver Time and being there for those I love.

For all the mature women who will settle for nothing less than living an empowered and romantic life.


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